Smart Reordering?

Hi there,
I’ve been toying with the reorders script to try to get a nicer experience with WK. My ideal order would
=> allow for new lessons every day (avoid blocks due to radical / kanji)
=> not require burst day, for instance “when I level up, I do all the radicals in one go”
=> avoid feeling overwhelmed with 100+ lessons being available in one go.

So that said, the main two orders I played with don’t allow for this.

=> The default WK order leads to day with no new lessons
=> doing “level up items first” or “radical / kanji first” leads to, when levelling up, having still all the vocabulary of the current level, + half the vocabulary of the next level + radicals + kanjis, which feels overwhelming.

Is there a plugin out there that would do the following order:
vocabulary of previous level
vocabulary of current level
radical of current level
kanjis of current level

except if the plugin detects that by doing that, I have one or multiple days without lessons coming, in which case it would automatically “inject” radicals / kanjis in advance of those days to unlock new kanji / vocabulary (assuming the reviews are correct of course), but only the ‘required amount’ to have x new lessons per day.

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I use the Android app but I think you can do the same with the reorder omega script, my set up is:

  • radicals first, so the kanjis will soon be added to the lessons
  • all vocabulary
  • kanjis last
    That way, I always have 10 new lessons per day. The kanjis take 4 days to give new lessons, and that is if I don’t make any mistake. Since there are around 35 kanjis per level, that fits exactly that when I am done with the last batch of kanjis, the first one is being gurued and each one gurued gives me about 2 to 5 new lessons. Then when they are all gurued I get all the new lessons, but I’m already almost done with the kanjis lessons anyway and start on the new level
    With that pace, it takes me around 14 days to clear a level, and number of apprentice items is between 40 and 100

I don’t know why it always fries my brain to try to visualise that sort of things. It feels impossible to finish the level in 14 days (including most of the vocabulary and what was left of the vocabulary of the previous level) with only 10 lessons per day.
(not saying it’s untrue, it just feels that way).
I’ll try that, see how it goes. I got overwhelmed at the last levelling up so trying to avoid going through that again.

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Don’t forget this relies on you getting 100% accuracy on the radicals and kanji.

I use Reorder Omega with two presets: one is Radicals/Kanjis first, the other one is lowest levels first. I usually learn new Radicals and Kanjis on the day they are available and use the time while they are on Apprentice to go through the new vocabulary. So there’s no need for the second preset.

I also use a script to “cheat”, especially during Apprentice levels on Radicals and Kanjis, so my progress doesn’t get stuck. Since pretty much all of my mistakes are typos, not entirely right conversions from mnemonic to reading and mix-ups which I usually get right the next time, I don’t feel bad about it.

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My strategy is to use the lesson filter script to distribute the kanji lessons throughout the level by doing just a few of them every day along with vocab lessons. There is roughly a 1 to 3 ratio of kanji to vocab in WK, so if you do, say, 3 kanji a day and 9 vocab lessons, you shouldn’t have to worry about your lesson backlog getting out of control, and you’ll always have new lessons available for you every day. It allows for a nice, even pace of about 12-14 day levels (depending on how many items there are total), with extremely consistent daily review numbers. For most of WK, I had on average 130 reviews each day.

I did do all of the radicals at once on the first day, but I didn’t find the radical lessons to be very overwhelming because they’re easier than the kanji and vocab lessons. If there were a lot of them, I’d just do the radicals and no other lessons on the first day after leveling. But the number of radicals each level tapers off pretty quick, so I ended up mixing a few kanji in there whenever there were less than ten radicals in any given level. Now there are practically none, haha.

At the moment, I’ve slightly reduced my pace from 12 daily lessons to 10 a day, since I have more leeches kicking around in there and there are just less items per level, period. But I’ve been doing this same basic strategy for the past 50 or so levels, and I highly recommend it! It has worked out wonderfully for me, and now I’m on pace to finish WK in just a couple of months.

Thanks everyone.

For this level I’ve tried Akshelia’s way --ish. I figured out that if I did the kanjis completely last, mathematically, I would have 3 days without any new lessons. So I did radical then vocabulary until vocabulary was at a quantity I could do in three days (~60 for me at this moment in time), and did the kanjis.

I did manage to reach “0 lessons, 0 reviews” which has been a while so I’m quite happy with that.

Still, I’ll try failynleaf way next level (starting tomorrow) and we’ll see how that goes.

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