Small question about Rikaikun

I’ve been using Rikaikun a lot when reading web pages but I’ve never paid any attention to this one little marker - (P).
You can see it at the end of the bottom two definitions. Does anyone know what this means? It’s at the end of a lot of definitions but I can’t really figure out why it’s there. My first guess was that it signifies the “primary” definition but the more I see it the less that makes sense. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


The markings are part of JMdict and the (P) means priority (common word).

  • nfxx: this is an indicator of frequency-of-use ranking in the wordfreq file. “xx” is the number of the set of 500 words in which the entry can be found, with “01” assigned to the first 500, “02” to the second, and so on. Entries with news1, ichi1, spec1/2 and gai1 values are marked with a “(P)” in the EDICT and EDICT2 files.While the priority markings accurately reflect the status of entries with regard to the various sources, they must be seen as only providing a crude indication of how common a word or expression actually is in Japanese. The “(P)” markings in the EDICT and EDICT2 files appear to identify a useful subset of “common” words, but there are clearly some marked entries which are not very common, and there are clearly unmarked entries which are in common use, particularly in the spoken language.

See: JMdict-EDICT Dictionary Project - EDRDG Wiki


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