Small mistranslation - 伊達’s example sentence

Of all the food served during the Japanese New Year, rolled omelette is my favorite.

Just wanted to bring this up for a fix whenever there’s a chance. 伊達: Level 47. I know Wanikani tends to be fairly liberal (often helpfully so), with its example sentence translations, but there’s no way this isn’t a mistake, right? Should be something to the tune of “Rolled omelettes are one of my favorite foods served during the Japanese new year.”

(To: WK staff who may end up reading this: Thank you for everything you do!)

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好きなものの一つ The one thing that I like. Is my interpretation.

It’s entirely possible I’m having an off day or missing something colloquial, but wouldn’t that be たった一つの好きなもの, or something similar?

~の中で…の一つだ is a pretty common construction for saying something “is one of….”

To be clear, I wasn’t accusing anyone at WK of misunderstanding the sentence (because all of them are much higher-level Japanese speakers than I am). I just imagined someone auto-piloted through the sentence and accidentally wrote the wrong thing.


I’m pretty sure they appreciate feedback like this because it improves the service. Particularly the higher levels, there are things that have been overlooked because the content sentences may not be read as frequently as they in the earlier levels.

One thing I would point out, if you haven’t do so already, is email them directly about this. That is one thing I’ve noticed Kristin request several times that some of us still do.


Hadn’t thought to do that, but will now. Thanks for the heads up.

I noticed my post got moved to “Bugs and Errors” too–a forum category I’ve seen so infrequently, I didn’t even remember it existed.

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Yeah, my interpretation was probably heavily informed by the provided translation

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