Small kanji script (for embarrassment-free study)

This TamperMonkey/GreaseMonkey script is for those who like to study in public, especially in Japan (for example, ALTs studying in the staffroom), but are embarrassed that 日本人 will walk by and internally giggle when they see massive kanji displayed during Lessons and Reviews, especially reviews of very basic kanji. Extra-special embarrassing. Really, you might find it embarrassing to be seen studying kanji anywhere in public, considering how gosh darn hip it is to know Japanese these days. You don’t want everyone to think you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, do you? You’re no hypsterre, friend!

NOTE: You can change the size around by replacing ‘small’ with something else, like ‘medium’, ‘x-small’,  ‘16px’, ‘0.8em’, etc.

I’m very lazy with my Japanese study so it’s all done at work. Now I can use this great site in relative peace.

Thanks to Wind, whose random kanji script I looked at to write this very basic one, and to Koichi, who personally replied to my question and suggested I try this forum for a solution.

Apologies if there are already 34 scripts out there to do this, but as you can tell I haven’t been here very long. Because, you know, huge embarrassing kanji.

UPDATED 4/7/2016 to fix problems with some Japanese not being reduced in size (post-lesson quizzes).

Oooohhhh fancy. I’m not in Japan, but somehow I feel embarrassed all the same when I’m doing reviews at school where everyone can see, so I might try this out. Thanks!

I think you should be proud you’re learning a new language but whatever rocks your boat. :smiley: You’re right about it being useful at work though, it’s hard to sneakily learn kanji when they’re these gigantic shapes on your screen. >_>

Beautifully simple, nicely done.

You can also specify size in pixels or ems, like “16px” or “0.8em”

My experience with Japanese people and being a foreigner doing anything with kanji has been amazement. I even hope the Japanese coworkers see me studying kanji and then they think to themselves, “their working so hard on our impossible language…why Japanese people.”

I think people at school enjoy seeing what I’m studying. Sometimes they come and comment on something, or try to guess the English before I do. But stuff like  性病 or 神風 feel… at least awkward? I’d imagine everyone can understand that I’m trying to learn as much as I can and not just stodgy stuff. Nonetheless, I’m super excited about this script! Thanks!

gdugwyler said... This could also probably be accomplished by custom CSS  or something, but I found this solution faster and it works. Hopefully this helps 1 other person in the same boat. Apologies if there are already 34 scripts out there to do this, but as you can tell I haven't been here very long. Because, you know, huge embarrassing kanji.

 34? I only know 23 scripts that do this...

But seriously though:

Zoolander for Ants - What is this Kanji for ants

I was gonna use it in public with friends that don’t know about my Cat Samurai alter-ego, but if not curious about the huge kanji, they’ll probably be curious anyway on why (and on what) I’m taking a quiz…

Anyway, congratz on making your first script!

Updated to fix an issue where the CSS in some parts of the post-lesson quiz were overriding the script.