Small complaint about vocabulary readings

There are more than a few cases of learning the readings of vocabulary words where the mnemonic is simply

“This is a jukugo word that uses the on’yomi readings of the kanji. You should be able to read this on your own.”

but in fact, one of the kanji making up the word has multiple readings.

Example: 訂正 - 正 can be しょう or せい

Which means to know that it is ていせい, you simply have to memorize it or make up your own mnemonic.

Not really why we signed up for Wanikani.

Since that phrase is in the database you use along with the kanjis, I think it wouldn’t take that much effort to track those down and create some actual stories.


ていせい not ていしょう

you see what I mean? :smiley:

thanks, I’ll fix it

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I know they’ve addressed some of these in the content updates, but at your level you’ll probably keep running into them since I don’t think they’ve gotten around to the later levels.

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