Small つ problem

I’m still struggling occasionally to get stuff like 言って correct (i.e. not pronouncing it as 言て). Are there any speaking exercises you guys recommend?

Try to keep a beat going in your head. One beat per mora. Practice by tapping on the table as you speak.

i-t-te = three beats


Probably worth noting that for some sounds (like いって) there’s really no sound on the second beat. It’s almost like on the second beat you’re just preparing your mouth for the third beat. On the other hand, for sounds like いっしょ, the しょ sound does start on the second beat, and then gets held through the third beat.


Also, @erilto12, do you do any listening? Even just watching anime for fun, not necessarily serious learning. I find that getting used to the sounds by listening can also help your pronunciation.


As a beginner it was explained to me as transferring the sound of the kana after the っ to the one before.
So it goes from i-te to it-te (I suppose pronouncing the extra t sound takes an extra beat)

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Yeah, I think of it as you form your mouth into the right shape to begin the next consonant, then start applying air, but hold it for a beat before releasing. For plosives like T or K or P, that means you get a brief moment of silence, but for silibants like S or SH, you get a hiss instead.


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