Slippin' my way to level 60 (A greasy ride!)

Guess it’s my time to write the level 60 post!

I wasn’t very active on the forums, so I doubt people even know me :joy:

I originally tried to learn Japanese 7 years ago (2012). I had a friend who used to live in Japan for a few years as a child. He used to have Japanese painting and scrolls in his home and I was like, “Woah! These look so cool!”. After that he was like, “Wanna learn this language?” and 12 year old me just went, “Sure! Why not”. I Did Hiragana, Katakana, 70-80 kanji and some basic grammar. Then just kinda left it. Around 2014, I started getting obsessed with anime. I started spending most of my time watching anime after that. (I have over 3700 hrs now) Soon, I started coming across series which would never get a new season and there light novels weren’t translated either. So, what was I to do? Of course learn Japanese!

I started again on 10th May 2018 and just didn’t stop after that. This past year I’ve been spending at least 5-6 hours on any given day. :sweat_smile:

I took the J-CAT on 28th Jan to see how much I’ve progressed and guess what, I somehow managed to get 264.
Guess all that watching anime helped with the listening section. After giving the test, I realized how much my vocabulary lacked, so I started reading using yomichan, I would add almost every word I didn’t know and my Anki deck started growing really quickly. Since then I’ve added close to 6k words. (I’m pretty sure at least a 1000 of them overlap with WK)
From my J-CAT score I realized I suck at grammar too, but it didn’t feel like that, it certainly felt like I was able to understand stuff. So, after talking to some people, I realized there could be times when I was understanding what the text said, but missing on the nuances. Since, then I’ve tried to study grammar, but it’s a bit boring, so I’ve certainly been slacking a bit.

Anyways, I decided to take the N2 this July.

After WK:
I kinda got fed up with WK around the late 40’s with how slow it was. I absolutely love WK, when it felt like nothing worked for me, WK came in to show me the way, it made me start to love kanji. I’m happy that it’s over now. I’ll keep reviewing until my current subscription lasts and then stop.
From here on, I’m gonna watch anime (maybe try some TV series), and keep reading those light novels for which I started learning in the first place :laughing:

Thanks a lot to anyone who answered my questions on the forums and thanks to the WK team for making this wonderful service! :grin:

My level duration:


Congratulations, I hope you are enjoying some cake! :cake::clap::durtle:


第六十層へようこそ、ぬるぬる牛酪さま!こちらケーキでございます :cake:


Yeeeeeeeee naisu \o/ :durtle_cat::cake:
Also I know you :DDD

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Ooooooh, may I ask how?

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Congratulations! :smile:


I saw a lot of your posts and thought whoa, level 60 >:O senpai

you’re a legend v.v


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