Sleeping is damn important

I usually get around 90% of review correctness.

Tonight I slept around 5 hours instead of my usual 8 to 9 hours of sleep.

My review score dropped to 70%. It’s not the first time, and the correlation is no mystery anyway.

I try not to delay my reviews but I wonder if I should better wait the next day and have a good night of sleep.


Just let the SRS work. Tomorrow you’ll regret having too many reviews.

If you feel extremely tired though, don’t do lessons/do less lessons today. I’d go for less lessons.


Ooo, ooo, I’ve sometimes done reviews while extremely tired, and have attempted to answer questions with my eyes shut.

Unsurprisingly, I tend to get those ones wrong.


last night i did new lessons (around 15?) with heavy eyes. i regret it now.

when the review time came, i cant remember most of them. in the end i had to learn all of it again manually… what a waste of time ಠ⌣ಠ

Better learn all the mistakes right at the beginning, don’t you think so? :wink: Don’t worry too much.


I like to do them because you want to be able to recognise them rapidly anyway. An accuracy decrease is acceptable to me because of the re-exposure. But if doing them would make you do less work overall, because it is demoralising and exhausting, you shouldn’t force yourself.

I don’t do lessons because I learn absolutely nothing and then I tend to not do them slowly enough again in reviews.

One advantage of not doing them is it moves the batch timing, though (only relevant for ones on frequencies of multiples of 24 hours that aren’t likely to drop a lot). I’m sick of 11 pm reviews and the early apprentices come back when I’m sleeping often.

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At first I read your username as @somniphobia and I thought “What a great coincidence!” And then I realized that it was @somatophobia instead…


I think @SleepyOne さん would agree :sweat_smile:


The trick is to get the first 2 review sessions right (4h and 8h intervals). How? Do lessons 12h before your limit of doing reviews for that day. If your last review session will be at 10pm, you have until 10:59am to do the lessons of the day :v:


Thanks! This makes sense, I’ll keep that number in mind! I think this would save me a couple of hours in the long run too (I sleep long but not 12 hours long), although the goal is mostly just to fix my timing issue. I’m happy to have that pointed out by the expert haha :+1:

Also lol @plantron :slight_smile: No sleeping allowed, reviews are less scary!


Another good schedule is doing lessons 4h before your last review session. This way, you’ll get the first review in that last session and when you wake up, you’ll have the 8h interval just waiting for you :wink: It will depend on when you have more free time and when you prefer to do lessons/reviews (night vs mornings).

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You should. I’ve been saying that for a long time here, but I think people feel like they are wasting time.

I’ve read books on the matter, but if you don’t feel like going through all that trouble, this is pretty good →

also 11 Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Body


This is a good point. I did not notice in the OP that the pronounced loss in sleep was from the time it took to complete reviews (?). At that point, sleep surely takes priority for health and quality of life reasons, and the returns become diminishing anyway. Please take care of yourself OP!

A short burst of reviews before sleeping well on the other hand will probably only help retention.

That’s not what I meant. I went to sleep very late because I got hooked up in a video game (silly me but well, I didn’t do it in years).
And as I was doing my morning reviews, my score dropped considerably compared to the usual.

I don’t care about failing apprentice assignments but it hurts for guru and above. I feel that waiting the following day to do my reviews (and having many more at once) will be more profitable.

I don’t study my lessons while sleep deprived, as pointed out by others, it’s far too much inefficient. But learning and recalling are two different things, tightly linked, but still different.

@rotry I’m not sure, are you saying I should delay or do my reviews ? Nice article, it’s more about studying while being sleep deprived than recalling though. I mean that I was in good condition when studying, that’s during the review that I was sleep deprived.

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As excited as I usually am to do my reviews (and keep in mind I’m a level 1 scrublord), I definitely wait until I’m awake and refreshed to do them. Last night I accidentally fell asleep on the couch watching anime, woke up at 2:49 am - according to my rambling messages on Discord - thinking it was late morning, realized it was 2:49 am, went back to bed, woke up again at 5:50 am because I forgot to turn off my work alarm for Labor Day - and my reviews were at 6:00 am - but I was just like “heckin’ nope” and went back to bed. I think I definitely don’t have any plans to go out of my way to do reviews at odd hours or when it’s not convenient for me, even if it feels like I might slow down my leveling. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I have noticed the same effect, but I don’t change anything to compensate for it. I figure I want to know the kanji even when I’m tired, so I take whatever punishment is coming to me. :slight_smile:


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