Skywarp21's Study Log

Title: Study Log for Skywarp21

Mission objective: Log all of the study (or some of it, at least). Keep track of progress in WK and perhaps other media.

Background Notes: This is effectively “New Game+”.


As Commander Worf has surely said on occasion, “Today is a good day to d…elete all Wanikani progress so far, up to and including L60 and start the whole thing again!”

After joining the ways of the Crabigator back in 2016, I proceeded to plough through everything in the space of a year or so without too much trouble. However, fast forward six years and I’m noticing that I have forgotten much of the content, especially words and kanji that I don’t see pop up too much in my current reading materials. Once in a while I’ll try doing the “practice burned words” thingy, and most of the session is basically…

So, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that there may be great value to be found in relearning everything from scratch. The Great Reset is now done and I’m back in the wonderful world of Level 1. (Yea ok, I could probably have skipped a bunch of levels but hey, if I’m going to reset, I might as well do it properly!).

Also, there have been so many feature and content updates since my last set of lessons, and this will give me a chance to check them out! This time, I’m actually going to read the context sentences! (and I should actually be able to this time, fingers crossed). And on my first run, I didn’t even realize audio existed until I had already reached into the L50s…haaaa…oops. :sweat_smile:


  1. L60 in 2 years.
    This is a bit slower than before, but that’s ok, I don’t want to take too much time away from other pursuits this time. Besides, it’s possible the fact that I went through the material quickly in my original run could be a contributing factor in items not being settled properly in the first place. Remembering items was pretty easy after 6mo when then came up for burning, but after a 5 year interval not so much…
    a) Aim for 100 items per week, which should be an ok pace if planning for a 2yr horizon. That’s about 15 items per day, but if it’s too much I can always adjust down as I go.
    b) Remember - context sentences and audio! (if I don’t jot this down, I know I’ll forget. Maybe I need an SRS system for my study plan mumble mumble)

  2. Continue Reading.
    Got me a book(shelf) or three that’s waiting for my attention. So this can be broken into two subitems:
    a) read more in general and
    b) increase reading speed
    Also continue with daily Satori Reader articles.

  3. Listening/Immersion
    Various. No fixed plan for this.

Ok! Time to start!


Day 1: First set of 25 lessons (all radicals) done.

Note: I like this guy. His presence on my dashboard is at once both comforting and encouraging.
Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 9.28.18 PM


End of week 1 after Reset (aka Weekend #1, aka Day #4)

  • Finished L1, onto L2!
  • All reviews up to date, and today’s quota of 15 lessons done and dusted.
  • Finished Easy and Hard flavours of 聞き耳ラジオ on Satori Reader.

Current status:

I’m finding the audio a bit tricky to play during Lessons. It works fine for the first lesson, but then for subsequent lessons I always have to reload the page in order to get the audio to play. Thankfully doing this doesn’t mess with the session. Could be something caused by my browser extensions maybe…

This graphic is a new addition for me - super cool! :

And I’m capturing a screenshot of this now for posterity, before I wreck it which I’ll probably do any day now. (I already wrecked the radicals on day 1 when I fat-fingered “Toe” and put “Tow”, arggh!)

Screenshot 2024-07-13 at 2.47.55 PM

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