Skipping radicals (probably for the 100,000th time already)

Pity, then it’s a gray thing. There’s no real best choice…it’s more a matter of preference. I read someone above who uses the mnemonics only for the readings:

You could do like them and use the mnemonics for reading only. (You would still have to learn WK radicals)

Or you could memorize the readings by yourself. Maybe finding some more words to reinforce the WK readings can help the process: looking up the kanji at gives you a lot of words. The average WK user doesn’t need as many because we can get one reading through a mnemonic, and however slow it may be, we eventually guess the reading of the word. You may need a little bit more of reinforcement i.e. more words with that one reading than us.

It’s not a substitute to WK but you may want to look up this other SRS:

It’s a SRS like WK. It doesn’t work with mnemonics or radicals and it doesn’t teach you the reading of an abstract kanji . It only teaches you words i.e. vocab. But it’s free (cannot say it will remain free forever unfortunately, I guess it depends on how much it spreads).

Check also the Kanji section in this page, in case there’s something of use to you:

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