Skipping lists of kanji and vocab

I want to buy wanikani subscribtion.
They say:
“Full access to all 60 levels of
Radical, Kanji, & Vocabulary
while subscription is active”
Is this means that I can skip known words and kanji when I have a subscription? I didn’t find an answer in FAQ. I really like wanikani UI. But if I can’t skip known words and select new words to learn, like in trial version, the app seems useless :frowning: .
Thanks! :slight_smile:


What do you mean by this? :slight_smile:

WK’s system of mnemonics builds on itself, so the feature that WK puts the most focus on is marred if people can pick and choose what to skip.

Discussion flares up every so often about how desirable or undesirable this is, but it’s the system WK team is going with.

With a sub, you can continue to level up, but you just have to learn things as WK hands it out. With certain PC scripts, you can skip part of the vocab if that’s what you really feel you really want, but vanilla WK isn’t set up to skip content. :slight_smile:


If they can’t skip it, like they can’t skip it in the trial version.


Doi. :man_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

I blame Sunday.


I think that means you can click the levels menu item, pick say, level 42, and see what’s in it. You can look at the item pages any time you want, read the readings, meanings, and mnemonics. I don’t remember how much is unavailable before subscribing, but I think you aren’t able to do that?

Even so, the SRS still makes you do the lessons and reviews in order, level by level.

That’s putting it a bit strongly. They need you to do all of them because of the building-block strategy. Not only are the later kanji built from the previous ones, but the mnemonics work together the same way. Even if you knew the kanji, but didn’t learn it from WaniKani, the later mnemonics might not make any sense to you. If you already know the word, then the review will take a negligible amount of time; I don’t really see the problem with that part.

Doing WaniKani words out of order: that breaks the radical-kanji-vocabulary building block system. Adding your own words is a thing people ask for sometimes. I guess that would just be extra, so no problem in theory. Most people find the workload of the ones WaniKani has to be plenty, though, so they’re unlikely to add that feature.

Sorry if that’s not what you’re looking for. I suggest giving it a go until level 3 while it’s still free and then see what you think. The problem is, if you know everything already in levels 1-3 then you’re not really getting a realistic trial, and of course it will seem like it’s unhelpful. I’m not sure what to do about that, unfortunately.


If you really want to not-learn one of WK’s items, then you could just add a synonym for the thing you habitually write when you don’t know the answer. Then it will mark your answer correct and move on when you answer that.

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Thank you for answers :slight_smile: That’s nice that wanikani has such a helpful and friendly community!
But seems this way of studying is just not for me. I like some freedom in studying, setting priorities, adopting to situation. May be the developers will provide options for people with this approach once. Maybe for other price and with other product name.


Let me give you another perspective.

I‘ve been going left and right, doing this and that, trying this method and that method for longer than I’d care to admit, and honestly- it didn‘t help me much. Sure, I learned a lot of stuff, but it was patchy at best.

So I decided, before giving up with Japanese, to go with WK for a year and see where it leads me. Then decide if it’s for me or not.

The year is up next week, and I am really happy I took this decision. I learned so much more, I know exactly what I want now, have a clear path, and am sure I will continue with my studies.

It was very liberating to have faith in something and just do what they tell you to do. You can still do your own stuff on the side, but at least you have one big part of Japanese taken care of for you by someone else. All you have to do is put in the work.


If you already know a kanji or word, it’s not a big deal – you can breeze through the lessons and reviews for it! Think of it like having an extra special cheaty powerup.

Every time I run into a kun’yomi I already know, my brain gets an extra dopamine boost, “hah! i already know that one. take that, wanikani.”


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