"Sing" is accepted for 歌 (vocab)

It’s probably just typo detection, I don’t think sing should be accepted as an answer, as that can easily be a misremembering.


歌う means ‘to sing’ though

Yes, but the vocabulary item is a noun meaning “song”. The kanji could be either (and, indeed, accepts both as correct), but the vocab needs to be a noun when it’s a noun.

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Yeah, now that I read my post again, I don’t mention that I’m talking about the vocab item, edited the title a bit.

In that case it probably should be put on the blocklist, yeah.

According to Jisho, the 歌 kanji can mean “sing” or “song”

Right, but this is about the vocab item, not the kanji item.

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I’m talking about the word, not the kanji, for that, jisho says it can mean song, or a bunch of other similar meanings, but definitely not sing. Sing is not in the meaning list and not in the auxiliary meaning list, therefore it’s most definitely accepted because of typo prevention

Oh wow I’m blind, somehow I thought the earlier threads were saying “we’re talking about the kanji and not the vocab”

Added “sing” to the block list :smiley:


GLad I already burned this. I know its song but my big stupid hands often hit the letter next to the one I want. So, that probably would have infuriated me at least once.

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