Simple vocab tips for new users

Sorry to be barging in like a salesman putting a foot at the door, even though I’m selling something free really. Just letting you know that I have a Polish classmate during my weekend Japanese class.

She’s a 60 years old + grandmother (but let’s pretend she’s 20 forever) and I think if you could join this free weekly Japanese class, she’ll be really excited having someone from the same country. Especially since she sometimes struggles with English and having another Polish classmate might be helpful to make sense of the language differences between Japanese, Polish and English.

The downsides are that Second Life might be confusing to use at first but I think you will learn fast over time. And also we’re almost at the end of Genki 1 textbook, going into Genki 2. Don’t worry if you don’t have the textbook as Yoshi Sensei provides them during class. It might feel a bit overwhelming but many of us still need to revise the early grammars again. So having a new Japanese learner will help brush up our memory as well, while making you learn faster.

Yoshi Sensei have always been welcoming to new learners and if the class still feels too difficult (though I highly doubt it with my broken beginner level Japanese, lol), you can come by to observe, ask questions before class starts or take part in a new-learner friendly Japanese x English language exchange Shiritori event on Fridays. The Shiritori event will definitely improve your vocab as you practice making sentences with many native Japanese there.

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