Simple sentence confusion

I came across this sentence in an Anki sentence deck: 「それはあんまりです」

I read it as “That’s too much”, but the given translation was: “You’re too cruel”, which is obviously a bit more specific about who and what is excessive.

An I missing something about あんまり here?

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What’s the context on this? The context is probably shaping the translator’s intent.


Unfortunately that’s all I have. Though missing context should probably have occurred to me…


It’s probably how you would say this if you had context and that’s all. I don’t think あんまり has any subtlety that would without a doubt mean this

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This type of line shows up a handful of times in Madoka Magica. I happen to have two English translations available and they tended to use “terrible” and “awful”. Sometimes the word ひどい itself was used before or after あんまり (e.g. ひどいよそんなの あんまりだよ…), in which case あんまり might be translated as “it’s too much” or “it’s not right” or something else simply so the full sentence’s translation wouldn’t be repetitive. But even when it lacks the word ひどい it’s clear from visual context that the あんまり is referring to something terrible. So overall I think the translation given is fine, though it would have been nice if there was context.