Similar/Same english definition sort function?

There are quite a few words that overlap with english meanings (unfortunately the only one that comes to mind right now is conquest 克服、征服、制覇 . )

I’m content looking up the difference in those words and their usages on my own, but I wonder if there is a way to like, look at ALL Wanikani words that have the same english words applied to them to make comparing them a little easier. Unfortunately, in just browsing the Vocab lists, only the first word is listed for each vocab (even though an entry might have several english definitions, which overlap with other words).

Edit: By ALL, I mean like, a sort function (or more simply, a list) that has the words grouped into their shared english meanings.


There’s a search function. That might be what you’re looking for.


Like “which vocab/kanji have the same gloss as this one”? It’s not a technically difficult proposition but as to whether anyone’s gone and done this yet… ?

What I am sure of - because the documentation at says so - is that WK’s public-facing API can’t do a search on meanings directly. The keyword search on the front page is designed to spit out chunks of webpage, not easily parseable data.

Anyone wanting to do what you’re asking for could download all of WK’s subject data and create their own local database to make it easier to search for matching glosses/meanings… but I’m not actually sure if this would be allowed without express authorisation since it’s creating a copy of WK’s data - see Section C-4 of Terms. On the other hand, brute-force searching through the whole DB might fall foul of Section C-3 of the Terms.

Right. I mean the search function is fine for getting a single set (such as “conquest”) at a time, but I mean sorting all 6000ish vocab into a handy list of similarly defined words to easily go through and sniff out the nuanced difference between them.

As I’m typing this though I guess it would just be easier to go through all the words using the search function and do what I want to do myself than way for someone else to make it :joy:

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