Silver's refreshment journey (Sort of a study log but not)

For basically the entirety of this year, and September - October last year, I got out of my Wanikani routine that I had been very strict about for the first 20-30 something levels, and it really broke my ability to do Wanikani. Just getting into the routine, to begin with was a pain because of my procrastination issues, and having to get into it again is even harder now because I barely know what any of the items in Wanikani are now. I only remember a bit above half of them during every review. So, I’ve been trying to put this “refreshment plan” of mine into action. Something that I’ve also been procrastinating on for about this entire year now, but, I’ve finally started doing it.

The plan is basically just me utilizing the self-study script to go over every single item that I’ve learned up until now, filtering out the items that I clearly remember, and the ones that I don’t. The ones that I don’t will be given a new mnemonic so I can memorize them again. As of me writing this post, I have already finished refreshing myself on all of the radicals except for a few.

While I am doing this, I won’t be learning new items. I will only continue my reviews.

That’s the basics of it. Here, I will be giving updates on how this is going.

Update 1 (13/09-2022, 14:26)
I have finished refreshing myself on all of the radicals. I will now go on to refreshing myself on the kanji I know, level by level. The goal is at least 5 kanji per day. Yes, I know that is small, but gotta start small if I gotta get back to the big stuff. I am hoping that by going small, I will be able to take on bigger loads later on down the line. It has worked so far with radicals. Finished all of them in about 4 days time.

Update 2 (17/09-2022, 12:02)
A huge change to my plan early on. Instead of going through all levels, I will only go through the 10 latest levels I’ve gone through (Level 34 - 43). I’m doing this because I believe that my other plan would’ve simply taken too much of my time.
To compensate for the number of items I’ll now be skipping, I’ve now added a new thing to my refreshment plan as well. I will go through every single item I fail during my reviews, and create new mnemonics for them. All of them. No matter what. This way I’ll end up going through all items no matter what, just not burned ones.

This was actually my original plan before the one I presented at the beginning of this post. I just didn’t go along with it, because with this, I didn’t have control over how much I would have to refresh myself on, and because of that, if the load got too big, I simply wouldn’t do it. However, thanks to changes I’ve made that make each review session shorter, it now makes it so that no matter how many items I fail, I simply won’t be having that many items to refresh myself on. Because of this, I’m now going back to my original plan.


A new update!

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