Silent voice translation problem

This sentence came up in the manga I’m reading… and its just one of those times where all the words make sense but for some reason I can’t figure out what she’s getting at… (maybe I should go to sleep and itll click?)


Maybe I’m getting what it means but am missing why in the world shou’s mother says it. But i see it as “do you know if your mom is always brushing? (like her teeth)”

If anyone’s read 声の形 can you help me get why she says that? Cuz next up shou gets super mad and tells her to stop and go die ( basically…right?) Is she chiding him or is this maybe not about the teeth and more about the dirty shoes in the last pane…? can 磨くbe about cleaning shoes? Cuz shou’s shoes are dirty and it could literally mean polish? (hard core missing something here…)

In this context wouldn’t it mean she’s always helping him improve? Like helping him shine brighter?

That’s how I would take it.

~してあげる to do something for someone else

gotcha gotcha. That makes more sense. Thanks!

聲の形. Stylistic kanji choices!

What page is this on? I’ll check my copy when I get home.

I might be completely off the mark (I don’t have that manga so don’t really understand the context well) - but could it be a double meaning? I think that 磨く can mean both physically polishing up and improving…

Yaaa I tried to get it to go to that kanji but my keyboard didn’t pop it up on the list of choices. So I moved on and just went for it.

I think it’s page 16 or 17

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I checked, and yeah, it’s about the shoes.磨く

to polish; to shine; to brush (e.g. teeth); to grind (e.g. lens)

A little literal: “Do you know your mother’s always brushing them for you?”

Better: “Don’t you know I’m always the one cleaning them for you?”


Mine gives it to me first, probably because I’ve posted things about 聲の形 far too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks! Its awesome how helpful the wk community is. I was really nervous to ask a question


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