Show me your books!

My Japanese language bookshelves! (Well, one or two are in English, but they fit the others so well…)


Lovely collection Matty :grin:

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This is my language bookshelf. It started out with just one third of one shelf, but it’s grown a lot over the last couple years. (Excuse the kind of weird colors, I have so much trouble getting my phone camera to take pictures with true-to-life color)

And digital


Glad to see someone else has Dr. Slump on their radar :smiley:


Yes! It’s my favourite Toriyama series. So wacky :joy:

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Yes, it is, isn’t it? I first saw it when the tv show came out and then again in the now-defunct “Mangajin” magazine in the 90s, where they were teaching grammar using Manga. I was laughing tears at the situation comedy. Fun times! Remember when Arale saw Dr. Slump for the first time with her glasses on? “It’s King Kong!” :smiley:

Yes, and ”I can’t fly!” ”Why would you be able to fly?!”.

My favourite part is the High School Sports Day. There isn’t a sensible thing in that arc and that’s why it is so precious.

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IMG_6382 (1)
Here is my most recent haul! (One of them is in Spanish, but the art is so pretty that I wanted to include it)
and here is the rest of my collection :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: