Show me your books!

My bookshelves currently, I hope to be able to add more books from series I enjoy to the both of them (digitally + physically). Although I will say that E-books are so convenient because I can zoom in to the kanji and words that I’m unfamiliar with.


How far have you read through Spy Family? We’re on volume 4 with the offshoot club.


It’s cool that there’s an offshoot bookclub. I haven’t began Spy x Family in Japanese yet since I currently have my hands full with reading D.N.Angel, Hana Kimi, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn at the moment. But I am curious, what’s your opinion on the reading difficulty so far?

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Volume 1 was read as part of the Intermediate Book Club - I struggled initially with the some of the dialogue but not as much as I would expect at that level. Since speech patterns tend to repeat, I’ve found it easier as I go on. I’m easily reading a chapter per week with the club, and I’m not a very fast reader (for comparison, I’m struggling with the current ABBC book, but I think that’s a harder book than everyone was expecting!). I don’t know any of the manga you mentioned so I’m afraid I can’t compare, but I’m finding it a fun read.


The series I mentioned are pretty old but if you ever get curious, I’d recommend checking them out. Also, thank you for sharing your experience with reading SxF. I’m not that fast at reading either but I’m hoping by the time I do get to SxF my speed will have increased somewhat. I am not sure what ABBC is but hopefully you can read it with little to no difficulty in the near future if that’s your goal.


The ABBC is the Absolute Beginner Book Club here on the forums. Shameless plug, but we will be selecting our next pick to read in a poll next week, and are currently seeking nominations! Swing on in if you think you would be interested in reading along with a group!

The current pick is definitely a little bit above the punching weight of the ABBC in normal situations (somewhat intentionally, to see if we could make more difficult picks accessible to earlier readers by introducing more tools to help them out), but all of the nominations coming up (so far) are more along the lines of what we have done in the past!



This is good to know, thank you for this helpful explanation!

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森見登’s work is so fucking hard for me T-T I love 夜は短く’s movie adaptation but the book is something else. I kept buying his books but they kept pushing me away from reading books. You got some other really difficult material there. I envy you if you can read this stuff just for kicks. T-T

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Ahhh, another Mushi-shi fan! I read those in English and adored them. How’s the difficulty level?


Fabulous Username :wink:

Great collection.


Natively says early N2 and I would probably agree. They use furigana very sparingly.
Also love seeing fellow Mushishi fans :star_struck: I started watching the series in 2014 and it’s still a favorite to this day. The soundtrack is just out of this world!


Good to know, thanks. Looks like I have a ways to go before getting there, but I’ll make it eventually! :crossed_fingers:

Agreed, the soundtrack is gorgeous. It matches the ethereal feel of the story really well.


Finally photographed my own stash!

Cover view of the fun ones:

Out of the fun ones, I’ve only started reading よつばと so far; the rest are motivation to keep studying. The 十二国記 series in particular (bottom right) was one of my inspirations to get serious studying Japanese, and I’m really looking forward to it.


That Teto sitting on top of the books… is that perchance a pencil case? Because I’ve got the same one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine’s gotten fairly worn from use, though…


Ooh, the 夏目友人帳 art books and novels! I intend to get them at some point as well~


Yes!! I couldn’t wait to buy them. :smile: CDJapan has been really good to me for buying all things Natsume, including some fun limited stuff like wall calendars.

This one’s just a regular plushie! A pencil case sounds cool, though. I did a Nausicaa cosplay a few years back, and this guy rode around on my shoulder all day.


Ordered myself some goodies at the start of the week expecting them to arrive in January at some point. I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up with a text from DHL saying I’d be getting an parcel today!


I haven’t come across Quartet before and looked into it. After reading a few reviews, it looks like it might be a better option after Genki than going right into Tobira as I’ve seen previously recommended. Something I’ll keep in mind when the time comes.


It’s literally by the same people so picks up exactly where genki ends.

And apparently a lot better than genki