Should I use my promotional code for one-year subscription or opt for a one-time purchase?

Okay, like the title says.

I got a promotional code for 20% off the yearly subscription (from $89 to only $71.20). I’m a bit tight on money right now, but I think it’s still possible for me to purchase it soon enough with this discount.

However, I’m wondering if I should probably just save up more money to purchase it for $299 instead. If I choose this option, though, it would take me longer until I’m finally able to purchase the premium version. 4 months at the very least, which is a shame because I’m really eager to learn more kanji and I’ve just been reviewing the same Level 1-3 kanji over and over again for weeks now because I don’t have the money to buy the one time purchase option.

If you were me, would you be patient and save money to buy the $299 option (since you’d be doing that anyway) and save more money in the long run? or purchase the discounted one-year subscription to be able to learn as soon as you can AND still have to purchase the $299 after the one-year subscription ends?

Thank you ^^


In December, WK tends to have the discounted lifetime sale. You could potentially buy the year subscription with the discount now, and when December rolls around, you can buy lifetime for 200$ (I believe that’s what it goes down to, but others will correct me if I’m misremembering). Any time left on your year sub will be prorated, so those three remaining months won’t go to waste, and you’d be able to keep the momentum going right now, rather than wait until you’ve saved up.

It’s potentially a way for you not to have to scrape together such a large fee right now, and when December rolls around, you’ll know for sure if you want to commit to lifetime.

And 71.20 for year sub now, and 200 dollars in December for lifetime (that’s not counting the fact that it’ll be even cheaper when prorated) means the total is still cheaper than spending 300$ now.

So that’s what I’d do personally. :slight_smile: It’d mean a smaller sum to cough up now, keeping the momentum of learning going by going premium, and you can end up with cheaper lifetime costs.


Yes, discounted lifetime is $200, or at least that’s what it was last time. I agree with everything above :slight_smile: With the prorated months from the yearly sub that would put your total wanikani cost at something like $260.


The people above have given wonderful advice.
As an alternative, you could consider pausing your learning through Wanikani at the moment, and instead use other sources for studying the language (Youtube, podcasts, books, etc.); and when the lifetime sale is live, come back to Wanikani and resume your journey.
If you are serious about learning the language, Wanikani should not be the your only resource, even though it’s a great one.


I’ve decided to use the discount code!
Thank you for the suggestions :smile:


Have wonderful journey :smiley:

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If you’re curious, that means that any remaining time left on your yearly subscription will be further discounted from the $200 price of the sale lifetime.


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