Should I tone down Wanikani?

I can read hiragana very quickly, but my katakana needs some practice. Even if I learned to read katakana well though, my vocabulary skills need to improve a lot. Thanks for the link, though. I’m in no rush to pass any of the tests but I’m planning to hopefully pass N4 by the time I go to Japan, which will be in about a year and a half. I study for 2 hours a day every day, so this shouldn’t be a problem. I’m just trying to achieve top results as soon as possible.


Get your grammar to N5 is not enought actually to after move to read or do wanikani. I know maybe the 60% of the N5 grammar while study in a japanese academy, but I never could learn the vocab and the kanjis I know in the time I have in the academy (6 months), try to do the two things at the same time because japanese work with particles here and there.

In the beginning, I did basic grammar study. I used a variety of resources to help reinforce grammar because explanations from different grammar resources will vary. Along with that, I met people online and would try my best to engage in meaningful exchanges with native speakers taking note of the corrections they made. In other words, my focus was (and still is) using my book studies as a springboard to apply in conversations. It was difficult, but the consistent forcing of output helped to push me in ways that staying in the safety of texts until I was “ready”.


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