Should I take a pause on Genki?

I started going through Genki much before I started wanikani and have been using it as my main source of vocab so far. I’m currently up to chapter 6. I’ve also gone through parts of tae Kim’s guide and memorized all the verb forms.

On the forums I’ve noticed a lot of people suggesting to wait till level 10-20 before going through Genki. So should I pause my Genki studies until then or keep going?


By level 10, you will know most of the kanji you need for Genki.
Whether to use Genki now all depends on how much time you have for study. Genki 1 covers the very rudiments of the Japanese language. If I were you, I would keep using it if you have the time.

All of your studies will reinforce each other, and pay off in time.


The main question would be, do you get along well with doing both? Then by all means please keep going :blush:

I think this recommendation exists to help people not to burn out because the are new to studying, jump onto WK full-speed and also onto grammar studies full-speed, then burn out and drop out entirely. But there is no technical reason to delay grammar studies. In fact when you read native material, you can find lots of books and manga with furigana, so kanji knowledge is not as important, and a person’s reading ability basically boils down to how well they know grammar and vocab. It all needs to go hand in hand in a balanced manner in my opinion :wink: