Should I spend time per level learning writing?

I’ve been enjoying WaniKani the last few months and have reached level 10. I noticed that my writing and recall skills are much much weaker than comprehension. I can understand the kanji characters that I’ve learned, but can barely write any of them, or even picture all strokes/lines of the full word in my head.

For example, I can distinguish some visually similar words such as 葉, 茶, 落, 黄, but I cannot come close to writing them from memory.

So do you recommend spending additional time each lesson to focus on writing and recall, or continue to progress through the lessons as quickly as possible and maybe come back to writing later?


Why do you want to be able to write them? Personally, I just like writing, and I plan to continue to take the Kanji Kentei, so I practice writing a lot.

If you feel comfortable with recall, and don’t need to write, then you don’t have to if you don’t want to. But it can’t hurt to spend more time reinforcing the kanji.

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I visit Japan maybe once a year or so, and find being able to write to be somewhat important in daily life. Little things like filling out forms at stores or for restaurant menus.

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I’m about the same level as you, and I find it helpful to do kaniwani also, writing the kanji down before I answer. It seems like more work (and it is), but they reinforce each other. It makes me do better at wanikani too.

So maybe some of that extra work is offset by not having as many wanikani fails. Plus, it’s fun.

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Maintaining the ability to write from memory takes a ton of time for very little return.

In scenarios like you mentioned, usually it’s no big deal to just check your phone if you need to, etc. I live in Japan and often go more than a month without having to write anything. Also, it’s often the same stuff over and over, like my address, which I would have memorized how to write by now even if I never studied kanji.

I’m not really sure what you mean about restaurant menus, but yeah.


Thanks, that’s helpful to know. I agree using an app to spell would be super convenient.

i use a stylus (wacom tablet) and photoshop and write down the kanji during reviews (could also do it on a tablet/phone if you have a drawing/notetaking app).

You could always combine writing with another form of study. If you are working on a grammar text, you could write the dialogs / questions out by hand. That would reinforce grammar / vocab while working on writing…

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