Should I invest in Bunpro?

Got a yearly subscription recently. I don’t even use it as a supplement, I use it as the main and only thing for grammar. :grin: (Well, I did go through most of Misa’s Beginner-Upper Intermediate playlist, but that’s it, no textbooks).

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I find it very good. It’s not good on its own but it’s a good tool to use to reinforce what you’ve already learnt without having to reinforce it by using the sentence over and over again. You won’t get far if you just use it on its own though.

I rarely use Bunpro for this reason I got lifetime so I do not have to worry if I am not using now as the option to use in the future is always there…

I’ve been using 文プロ for a long time now, and I’d say it’s provided a massive boost to my overall comprehension. A ton of the grammar that was covered in my 1st year Japanese textbook was quickly forgotten, simply because I wasn’t at a level to comfortably consume the language yet. 文プロ helped me remember and retain all of it though, and once you’re at around ~N3 level, most of the grammar points are just exceptionally useful applications of vocabulary, making them pretty easy to pick up.

Also, the fact that I have to personally recreate the grammar, rather than simply recognize it or pick it out of a multiple choice list, helps to really hammer everything in.

This is something that’s been improving more and more with time; I’ve been dropping lots of feedback on reviews like this to require the user to also provide the appropriate particles that make the tested grammar fit properly into the review sentences. The devs are incredibly responsive and open to ideas to help improve the platform.


I signed up for a year, and so far I like it. I’ve finished two years of coursework, and that has taken me through Genki II. In about a month I start Tobira. I really like that they made the textbook tracks, which didn’t exist initially. Right now I’m using it solely for review of the past two years because I want to hit the fall semester running. I plan on continuing to use it throughout my class as a way to stay on top of grammar, new and old. It’s great at highlighting weaknesses.

I’m not sure how well it would be for learning fresh. I’ll probably switch over to the N2 track once I finish with Tobira, so I will find out, but so far I’ve really appreciated it.


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