Should I focus more on my textbook?

I just recently got the Genki 2 textbook and workbook last month but I have not had a whole lot of time to work on it. I try to find 2 hours daily for sit down study time and I work on Anki, Bunpro, Wanikani, Pimsleur, and Genki I also have a book club I am a part of on here as well. So I do not find a lot of time to work on my textbook, maybe 20 minutes and sometimes no time at all. I am just curious on what thoughts are on this and if maybe I should leave something out some days to get more time working on the textbook. I am already working on the book club at a separate time than my study time. I considered maybe leave Pimsleur our some days but they say its supposed to be done daily though I don’t always have time to do that either.


I have no idea what Pimsleur is, but as for the rest, I would think of Anki, Bunpro & WK as supplementary study resources. They should be used to reinforce things learnt through textbook or general exposure to the language. In my opinion, until you get through Genki II (or equivalent) and have a decent foundation in JP, the bulk of your study time should be spent on the textbook. If you are struggling to manage time, maybe reduce or outright cancel any new lessons on srs so you can focus more on Genki. Of course, this is just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt, but since you’re asking on a forum I figured you’d value input :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply! Pimsleur is a 30 minute session for listening and speaking practice.

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If you’re short on time, prepare a study schedule and list the time to spend on each item.
A good start is a 5 minute schedule for 30 minutes a day, that allows you to study 6 different things each for 5 mins.
Eg: 5mins on each topic daily.
A Particle (write some sentences using that particle, even if they are very basic sentences)
Kanji (WaniKani, etc.)
Reading (general or textbook)
Writing (always write some sentences daily)
Speaking (something we forget to do when self studing, but sit there and read aloud, try and shadow the listening portion and start talking to yourself out loud in Japanese)

Take a few minutes to review what you just learnt or put into extra time on something.

Start by making your time minimal and let it become a habit. 30 mins a day will get you a long way by using the time wisely. Increase or decrease the time according to your own schedule as you delve deeper you will find things you don’t need to spend as much time on so adjust the time, but always review. Put more time into things you feel you are lacking.

Never stress if you forget something, it will come around again thru reading and listening.
Once a week spend 30 minutes on reviewing what you studied that week, for SRS just let that happen as its always going to give you reviews, focus on particles, reading and listening for the review.

Hope these tips help.


20 minutes most days might be fine depending on how you feel about the progress you’re making :slight_smile:

Are you using the Genki path in Bunpro? I found that helped for breaking my Genki learning and practice time into smaller chunks - because the book chapters made me want to do all the grammar points and all the exercises… and then forget them :sweat_smile:

You might even find you don’t want/need to do all the exercises in the textbook and workbook, just a few maybe to change up the gap-fill format Bunpro uses…


I did not know there was a genki path :o

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