Should i fail some burns on purpose?

For example i just failed かき氷 burn and in the same review session got 氷 kanji burn, should use the fact i just got a reminder on the reading to pass 氷, or fail it on purpose since i obviously didn’t remember the reading before failing かき氷?


I do fail most common words and kanji (usually n5-n3 levels) cause I eathier don`t remember them that well by the time they could be burned or I want to remember them better + lets face it there are TONS of thrash vocab in WK for the pure purpose of kanji sticking so I try to leave as much as possible of useful stuff in WK for longer.

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No, but possibly kinda ‘yes’. Let me explain:

For burns specifically, once you burn an item once, you now get a new button available on the item’s page, the “Resurrect” button, aka to ‘un-Burn’ the item. When you click Resurrect on the item’s page (it’s found at the very bottom of the item’s page), it will return the item’s SRS level to Apprentice 1, as if it had just been unlocked.

And the nice thing about unburning/resurrecting a previously burnt item is that once you click Resurrect, the button automatically turns into a Burn button. That’s right. You can now ‘re-burn’ the ‘un-burned’ item!

In other words, by finally Burning an item, you’ve proven to WaniKani’s standards that you are now a master over that item, and you can Burn it and unBurn it as much as you like, whenever you like. [The only catch is that whenever you unBurn, the item always returns to Apprentice 1. But at least you aren’t forced to review it all the way back to Burned, if you don’t want to. You can always just Burn it whenever you want.]

So, if you can Burn an item, then Burn it. So that you’ll get that Resurrect/Burn button.

Now, if you don’t actually feel confident in that item, then maybe you’ll want to immediately Resurrect it! This is not exactly the same as an intentional fail from Enlightened down to Guru 2. But it’s almost the same. It doesn’t take too long in the scheme of things to get from Apprentice 1 back up to Guru 2. So, it’s basically the same situation. But now at least you’ll have that Resurrect/Burn button, whereas if you intentionally failed the burn, you won’t have it, and you’ll have to wait several months to get the chance to earn it again.

So, definitely burn whenever you can. But if you want to unburn the item right away, feel free to do so!


I agree with this, I only recently figured out that you can resurrect items and have been enjoying that feature.

I typically do it with kanji that I for some reason haven’t seen in a long time and somehow never came across until that burn moment. Then when resurrected, going through them in my reviews is a breeze while helping me feel more confident in remembering those kanji.

I’m personally probably gunna let them burn naturally a 2nd time :slight_smile:


If you want to. But it’s good to keep in mind why things “burn.” Because you’re supposed to run into the word naturally in the next 6 months to a year. If you don’t, do you really need to relearn the word or think about it ever again? Probably not. There’s countless words in WK I frankly never have and/or never will use (just because Japan has flexibility with loan words that are used more than the vocab taught here).

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I’m sometimes faced with the same conundrum, but in general I’d say to burn it unless you know that it’s a common word/kanji that you encounter often outside of WK and you often struggle to remember its reading/meaning. And even then it’s not a big deal honestly.

氷 is a reasonably common kanji/word, so maybe some additional practice could be worth it if you’re struggling a bit with it. That being said, the practice doesn’t have to come from WK, what I do personally is that I have an Anki deck where I “mine” the content that I read, and sometimes I have duplicates from WK vocab for words I struggle with.

So for instance I always struggle to remember the reading of 争う but I encountered it a game I played so I screenshot it and put it in my deck. I find that it’s a lot easier to remember vocab when it’s in a meaningful context. In fact I just managed to remember the reading of that word nearly effortlessly…

I think in this case the extra reviews you’ll have to do for かき氷 (since you failed it) will be enough to reinforce the kanji meaning and reading without you needing to deliberately fail 氷-the-kanji. WK seems to have 氷 as a vocab item too so that’s further reinforcement. Vocab is much more important than kanji anyway.