Should I Exhaust All Free Lessons Before Paying?

I’ve reached the end of level 3. I can’t level up any more because I’m not a paid user yet. I’m going to pay for WK and keep using it going forward, so there’s no question there. My question is this:
I have like 40 new lessons waiting for me. For the sake of my budget, should I exhaust all of the lessons before I start paying in order to maximize my value? I won’t be able to level up, but I don’t really care about what my level looks like. I just care about learning.

TL;DR: I maxed out level 3 but I still have a lot of lessons left as a free user. Is there any reason to start paying now before I run out of lessons OTHER than the number next to my name?

Definitely don’t pay until you finish all the lessons, unless you’re planning to buy lifetime right now. It’s just going to unlock lessons you aren’t able to do yet. Once you’re done with lessons and just have reviews to do is when paying will unlock more for you.

I hung out at that level for 45 days waiting for the end of year sale, and even once I had all my lessons done I still had reviews coming back during that time. And if you decide to go with annual now, you’ll end up with 3-4 months to get prorated on come sale time at year end if you’re sticking around.


I would say it depends, as every one learns at a different pace and have different life circumstances. Some people will do 80 lessons in a day, where as others might just do 10. Also depends on how many reviews a day you feel you can do.

Based on the first couple of levels for you, when you reached a new level, did you do all the lessons at the same time or did you spread them out. If you did them all at the same time, waiting will just slow you down. If you did them at like 10 lessons a day, you would run out of content in 4 days. About 2-3 days after this, your reviews will probably slow down quite a bit. If you are looking to maximize your value at that rate, you may consider waiting a week or something. Again, it kind of depends on what pace you have set for yourself.

I’ve actually been going even slower. I do like 1-3 lessons a day and otherwise stick to reviews, because I’m using Genki, Anki, and Satori Reader as well in my studies. WaniKani isn’t my main learning tool, but a supplement, so I’m taking it nice and easy.


All the more reason to wait to pay, in my opinion. There are no limited time sales going on right now, and as someone already mentioned, you won’t have access to level 4 stuff until you’ve Guru’d enough level 3 kanji to unlock level 4.

Once you start a paid subscription, you’re fighting against time, and from personal experience, you kind of push yourself to level up as quick as possible (even if you’re not quite ready to take on new lessons) because you know you only have x amount of time to reach your goal.

To put it simply, there’s no advantage to paying right now. You can technically view all the content in the different levels, you just can’t use them in SRS. Wait to pay when you’ve at least unlocked level 4 AND ready to do new lessons.


I would wait till you are done all the lessons then before paying for it. You would probably waste more then a months worth of time when you don’t need to.

I’m in a similar position as you. I only want to pay when I can afford a lifetime subscription, because it seems like the most cost effective, so I’m holding off until I can afford it.

I have finished the entire level 3 - passed all kanji, completed all lessons.

I’m still getting enough reviews to strengthen my knowledge, and work with my busy schedule.

I’m quite happy to plod along with those until I can afford a subscription.

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I think if you buy the yearly subscription and then buy the lifetime subscription at the end of the year sale you might pay less than if you buy the lifetime option now/soon :thinking:

Thanks! Yeah I wasn’t sure on that. I’m really annoyed with myself because I only decided that I’d use Wanikani a day after the most recent sale ended…!

Assuming everything stays the same as this year, which is no guarantee but it looks like it’s been pretty standard for a while, the sale on lifetime is $100 off, so brings lifetime down to $200. Annual is $89 but you’ll get prorated for each leftover month when the sale is on, so that’s like $7/month? So depending how long you wait it could work out in your favor to grab annual instead for now (plus if you discover you’re going crazy fast or just not interested in continuing you could save the money)

Because of my very slow pace, I was thinking I’d just sub monthly. It’s a bit harder for me to budget in the larger cost of a yearly or lifetime sub at the moment. So I’m planning to go monthly unless there is a well-known “definitely do this to save LOTS of money” secret someone can let me in on. When can I expect another sale?

Sale is in December. It’ll definitely save you a lot of money if you’re going to stick with WK long term - it’ll be $200 which is under two years at $9 or just over 2 year at annual, so it’d be like paying for 2 years and getting the rest free. But like who knows what you’ll be doing in 2 years right? You should have a better idea by December whether it’s worth it for you. I took a gamble since I’d only been here two months when the sale hit, but I luckily could afford it and thought it might motivate me to stick around having already paid for it and not wanting to waste my money.

I’m not sure how wonky my math is right now (I should definitely not do math in the middle of the night) but I’ll try. You save about 2 months worth of payment (19$) when you choose the yearly subscription instead of the monthly one or in other words you pay about 7,5$ a month instead of 9$. If you pay for yearly at 01.04 and then get a lifetime subscription at the end of the year you’ll have about 3 months left that will be subtracted from the lifetime deal. So instead of paying 200$ you’ll pay about 177$. So you’d pay about 245$ in total.
If you choose the monthly option and get the lifetime sale at the end of the year you pay about 280$ I think.

But lifetime is of course only worth it if you know you want to learn Kanji with WK and you know you are not planning to finish all WK levels in under two years.

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