Shortcut for ち

I really like the keyboard shortcuts for characters such as si for し instead of shi and tu for つ instead of tsu and it is reasonable to think there would a shortcut for ち as ci but when i type ci it prints out き but since c and k is far away on the keyboard i think i would be better to make it a similar shortcut for ち.

It’s TI, as in Nihon-Shiki romanization system.



EDIT: I’ve been ninja’d!

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The reason for why the shortcut is TI is because ち is in the た-row

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also つ is “tu”
after I learned that I finally figured out how to write づ


On a similar note. Is it necessary to go back to the sh- typing when you want to get a different little vowel thing? E.g. しょ- and ちゃ- as sho- and cha- or is there a two letter short cut? Do I ask too much of the world?

As far as I know, if you want three letter sounds, you have to type three characters, alas.

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I use sya and syo, as that regularizes then with the other rows. sya, tya, mya, nya…


I even type JYO. One can also type ZYO, but too weird for me. Still, I do type TYA. Note that CYA might not work.

Anyways, always three typings for this kind of thing.

it’s possible to get the little characters by themselves if you type “xya” “xyo” “xyu” or “lya” “lyo” “lyu” think of the “l” standing for little.
also “xtu” and “ltu” work for little っ
This “l” or “x” trick also works great for odd katakana combinations you might not remember how to type, for example, my last name has a little ェ in it.

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