Short Sketch from Love Live, but I think I don't really get the joke

Not sure if it is my listening skills, some deeper meaning I am losing or is the joke really rather flat…

The punchline at 1:15 - 1:20 or so… I get 「ウサギの格好バニーガールの香味 *"osA" 味見したいんだ」

Frist unknown, what could fit in after 香味 instead of “OSA” ?

So assuming Fururin is not a canibal when refering to “flavors”, she would like to experience the what a bunny girl in a rabbit costume is like? Funny, but probably there is more behind, judging on everyone’s reaction…

I then tried kind of retro-engineering the joke to come up with 「ウサギの格好バニーガールの香味の差味見したいんだ」or Furirin wants to know the difference between a [girl in] a bunny costume and a bunny girl? Funnier, but maybe still not all of it?

Especially as the timing she chooses seems to focus on 「味見したいんだ」which in my interpretation is not the funny part really… I might be totally off here :sweat_smile:

As the automatic subtitles are pretty useless especially at that very point, wanted to know if anyone has a correction / alternative interpretation, maybe?

Thanks in advance

をさ? :sweat_smile:

を for 味見したい

さ for emphasis

Based on the delivery and the title, she’s saying something like, “I want to sample the taste of a bunny girl dressed as a rabbit”? Because it’s the year of the rabbit.

And no, it’s not about eating. :eyes:


The other girl‘s name is ほーみん?

It‘s をさ, as explained above.

So basically, „I want to taste you dressed as a bunny girl“. It’s something sexual.
And the 味見したいんだよね is a punchline she‘s used previously as well, I think, which probably makes it extra funny:


I figured she was talking about her, but since it says minmin on the title, I didn’t look too much into it.


Oh… I did not consider that, I think mainly because I did not really know the さ for emphasis concept! got it now, thanks

@Myria thanks for the link :+1:, now I understand why Ainya, the girl she does the Ikemen dialogue with in the earlier edition and who is sitting right behind her in the recent video is the most surprised! got it! Now it is all whole lot funnier of course!

Aaaand yes! The other girl is Hōmoto Akina, Houmin and MinMin are both her nicknames Akina Homoto - Wikipedia completely missed that one. There might be some wordplay in that too, I suspect.

thanks both!


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