Short Grammar Questions

I would say perhaps sentence 1. sounds a little more natural, but I could be wrong. Is this a trick question? :smiley:

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Basically all that changed here is which definition of ニュース is being used.

In sentence one, the definition is 新聞・ラジオ・テレビなどでの報道

In sentence two, the definition is 新しく一般にはまだ知られていないできごとや情報

So as for a reason you would choose one over the other… I guess it could depend on precisely how you saw something. Like, if you saw the news, but you weren’t “watching the news” then maybe sentence one would not be appropriate. Like maybe all you saw was someone mention it in a forum. That’s not definition 1 of ニュース.


Can you even use that definition with を見る doe? Don’t think I’ve seen that.

EDIT: Yes I have and yes you can. Didn’t take long of looking back through my books to find



It doesn’t jump out at me as impossible, and I think 聞く and 読む come to mind as more precise wordings, but I could ask around.

Yeah its definitely not common compared to other verbs, but it is possible and I’ve seen it before and just forgot I guess.

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