Shogi 将棋 and go 碁. is 棋 used to refer to both games?

hi. im doing lessons for level 38 and i’ve come across a little problem.
the games shogi 将棋 and go 碁 have different kanji and are completely different games.

but in lessons it says 棋士 (きし)is a shogi player as well as go player?

and 棋院(きいん)means go hall but not shogi hall (since thats not one of the synonyms)?

how does that make sense? is this kanji for chess piece 棋(き) used for both shogi and go? thank you in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this!

Yes, the character 棋 represents both games.

棋士 does indeed mean a player of either game, specifically professional players.

棋院, perhaps for purely historical reasons, is used to refer to go organizations or halls.

EDIT: by the way, ご is another reading of 棋, it’s the kunyomi


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