Shiritori with a twist


離陸・りりく - takeoff (of an aircraft; and its partner, 着陸・ちゃくりく)


櫛 (くし) - comb


親戚(しんせき)- Relative.


絆・きずな - bond, (emotional) ties

(learned this one from the k-on ED and then saw it again just today on twitter)


薙刀(なぎなた)- naginata
I’m not quite sure how to describe it, sorta like a long lightweight stick with a blade at the end.


叩く・たたく - to beat/knock/pound (upon e.g. a door)


杭 (くい) - stake

i.e. these things



錨・いかり - anchor


リンク - りんく - Link (On a website)