Shiritori with a twist


草臥れた・くたびれた - worn out, exhausted, ragged (learned this one from deltarune)


他界(たかい) : the other world (to die) :skull::skull:


鼾 (いびき) - snoring


岐路 (きろ) - fork in the road; crossroads

If you take a wrong turn at the crossroads, you’ll have to walk an extra きろmeter.
Do that every day, and you’ll soon have lost a きろ of weight.


Clever mnemonic.

Since katakana words seems ok, i’ll in with

ロックンロール= rock 'n roll



る is a tough one, had to consult the dictionary without resorting to another loanword

涙堂(るいどう)- bags under the eyes


運営 (うんえい - management)


海豚 (いるか - dolphin :dolphin:)


揶揄う (からかう). To mock :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


噂 (うわさ) - rumor, gossip


捧げる (ささげる) - to hold up; to offer; to devote; to consecrate; to sacrifice


類推 (るいすい) : analogy


隠喩・いんゆ - metaphor


引喩・いんゆ - allusion ^^;


のみ — teacup


満たす・みたす - to (ful)fill


Arent you only supposed to use nouns in shiritori?

素直 (すなお) - upfront


that so. well, someone else can handle み

狼・おおかみ - a large god wolf


耳垢 (みみあか): earwax :ear:


カッパ - raincoat


パチリ - (onomatopoeia) sound of a camera shutter

Used as a と-adverb to mean “with a click” or “with a snap”.

Example sentence found on Weblio:

“crack the joints of one’s fingers”
lit. something like “to pachirily snap the fingers”