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You don’t have to use Anki :slight_smile: . It’s just that mining vocab is possibly more worthwhile than learning kanji alone or with a bit of vocab you might not be interested in or use. To me at least it’s more motivating to remember words and phrases that are somehow more relevant either to my personality or to the stuff I like doing. Baseball is not one of them (for now) :joy: .


This is what I was thinking… Anki on a Chromebook = :skull_and_crossbones: … If Kitsun wasn’t $8 a month I think it would be wonderful!

HAHA! yes, I agree. I’m so proud of everything I “encounter” (as opposed to learn) in reading よつばと! … I just want to find the best way to study it.


Even the browser version of Anki? I use it on my phone.

Sounds good! Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:


Well, I looked into the browser version of Anki and it explicitly stated that "this is only meant to be used along with the Anki program, which I cannot install on a chromebook. They DO happen to have an AnkiDroid app that installs on the chromebook, but it is super funky, and has no easy way of using it.

The time it will take to ADD cards to a flash system does not seem worth the effort, which is why I thought Koohi.cafe was the answer for me. I just found something interesting on Koohi though (since you sparked me to look into it again) so perhaps it may work still? :slight_smile:


For a good setup I would check one of the threads Vanilla originally wrote about his setup. This thread might also be interesting to you: Vanilla's Complete Journey, Reflection, and Advice for Achieving a High Reading Level in Japanese

I’m a little lazy so my setup is fairly clunky, but GoodEnough™. I also prefer not having too many apps on my phone, cause they just keep growing in size.


Yeah, fair, I wouldn’t rate myself an absolute beginner - but there’s a reason all the book clubs I participate in are the beginner ones :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Given the relative ease I had with 極主夫道 once I got my head around the kansai-ben though, I think I might try my hand at an intermediate book club next.

Keep in mind what you see me produce on here is what I produce with copious amounts of Google and dictionaries, and what I respond to I usually read with the help of Yomichan. What I can do on my feet is a fair bit less. Which is fine, I’m still learning, but it might skew people’s perception.

Barely. Some Duolingo and what little I’d gleaned from anime - so I knew most hiragana and some katakana, and maybe a dozen words and three particles :joy:

Pretty much, but most of my Japanese I didn’t learn from WaniKani. That’s one of the reasons I’m “stuck” at level 17 - I switched focus to grammar and vocab first to get more of a foundation, then started consuming content (VTubers, general YouTube, Twitter, manga, that sort of thing, as well as participating on the forums). The first bit was a very important bit of foundation, the latter is what taught me the most.

I could do with a lot more kanji knowledge though. And more vocab and grammar, but I’m slowly picking that up as I read stuff.

That’s the best way to do it. You’re not gonna spend two full seconds thinking about every word while reading or listening, so if you can use the SRS to get to a point where your immediate thought is the right one, you’re in a good place.

*gestures vaguely at Leebo*

*points vigorously at Jonapedia*

Anyone judging on WK level is in for a treat and a half :joy:

I’ve actually found kanji to be useful in listening. Hearing the readings for kanji I know can help me figure things out, especially in context. But the benefit is much, much smaller than in reading and writing, absolutely.

Just use Torii if that’s what works for you. An SRS is an SRS is an SRS… for the most part. The important part is you’re learning vocab, which system you use for that is irrelevant.


I’m in that sentence and I don’t like it.
Seriously. Signed up for WK in 2012. Started learning Japanese in 2010. Got diagnosed ADHD in 2013 but no meds have ever really helped. Dropped Japanese till Covid forced me into lockdown and I needed something to do. Fun times. :sweat_smile:


It is, ultimately, all one interconnected thing that it’s nice for your brain to make more connections between, certainly. No disagreement there. I also left out subtitles, where you rarely (though not never) get much furigana… though recently I’ve been getting frustrated just trying to find Japanese subtitles for most things, heh.


The 大川 beginner book club wasn’t so beginner actually :joy: . We had a story loaded with 敬語 and many other ones with archaic vocab so… :smiley:

Pretty sure you’d do fine in the intermediate book clubs!


You’ve convinced me, I’m gonna spy out an interesting looking one and dive into the deep end then!

…After I binge some more volumes of 極主夫道 because watching this guy scare the pants off store clerks while his wife nerds out over a magical girl anime is hilarious :joy:


The Death Note club might end up being an intermediate club, because something tells me it’s not a manga for young ones :smiley: . Same if there was a Spy x Family club and if not, I might wanna start it myself at some point :slight_smile:


At least I already know 計画 means plan :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Might be interesting to read Death Note in Japanese. I know the gist of the story, but it’s been so long since I watched the anime that the details are hazy, and because I never read the manga I don’t have any detailed knowledge of dialogue at all, so I can’t fall into the “I totally knew that” trap I tend to fall into with manga I’ve read in English before.

Spy x Family looks like it has a fairly interesting premise, I might check that out too :thinking: Maybe I’ll give it a go in English first to see if I like it, and then continue reading in Japanese if I do.


Okay thank you TokeruKonkoyo!!! :slight_smile: I am trying to use my phone less and less because I really like the setup on my chromebook now (I just hope it does’t die or my cats don’t decide to pee on it :joy:) I have wonderfully fast gaming laptop but it’s so big I quite prefer this little thing!

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I’m sure you certainly can go to intermediate! TEST YOURSELF! Heck, I’m attempting to read a level 18 manga at level 7, so you can go higher too!

Well, although I have been forgetting I have Yomichan a lot, I understand. However, it doesn’t matter what people’s perception is, as I’m learning today - you help in so many different ways it invaluable! (I wish I could give you multiple solutions to my threads :joy:)

Well, I want to be like Michael Jordan (you) :laughing:

Hmm - other than VTubers (which you introduced me to fully (あかいな) :laughing: , I am much more of a physical book person. I love my manga, and I love the forums, so hopefully that will get me somewhere.

Ooo! I didn’t think of this as being a method of sorts! Not too ashamed now :joy:

Vocab, vocab, vocab - got it! I just wish I could retain some of the vocab I encounter in よつばと!

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Haha, it’s not the kanji I’m worried about :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But yeah, you’re right. I gotta push myself a bit to learn more. Reading やがて君になる with way less (internalised) vocab and grammar knowledge than I have now taught me a lot, even though it was a bit of a struggle at first. Going for something a little bit harder can’t hurt.

You will, it just takes time and practice. Keep reading - you’ll see words over and over again, and at some point you won’t have to look them up anymore.

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Yes, if people have access to Anki, it takes about 1 second to add a card with

  1. The word on the front
  2. The reading
  3. Japanese definitions
  4. English definitions
  5. The pitch accent pattern
  6. If it’s an anime/show, the screen you saw it on
  7. The audio from the line if it’s an anime
  8. The sentence you saw it in with the word highlighted.
  9. Isolated word audio.

I would love to make a video showcasing it, but I’m headed to Tokyo for the weekend and won’t be on my computer for awhile. Pretty nutty doe


Have you documented how to achieve this in the 2 hour long video TokeruKonkoyo linked to? If so, could you give me a time stamp? I’m getting started with Anki now:)


Nah, I did it for books awhile back, but I think that was more focused on how to use yomichan on ebooks.

Ill make a new video with my full setup if you want when I get back to Takasaki. Are you interested in mining books or anime


Thank you, I’d like that :heart:

To begin with my main focus will be manga and anime. A bit of each every day. It will take a while before I start tackling text-only books but I’ll get there eventually.


Ight, I’ll see what I can do. I’ll have to go back and find the Lua scripts though since it’s been a minute