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as people progress further in WaniKani level-wise, it would be great to have some sort of Share functionality regarding the most common social media sites and also LinkedIn. At least I haven’t noticed such option anywhere whenever the level changes.

Also, the levels should change only when all level content have been sent into Guru phase. The current system often leaves people with over 100 vocabulary items from the level they’ve technically (kanji-wise) passed already.


I agree 100%. I don’t understand WK’s intention here. Some people aren’t concern with vocabulary (they say they’d rather pick it up in reading, etc.) and they zoom thru levels by not doing vocabulary. So is WK truly just concern with kanji, i.e., you can reach Level 60 without doing ANY vocabulary? Kind of defeats the purpose of teaching people to learn the Japanese language…

So, yes, I’m one of those people who DO NOT do any lessons in the NEXT level until I get my vocabulary done (or nearly so) in my current lesson.

Hmmm, having just written this out, I can see WK’s position on this. For people like me, it doesn’t matter because I will do the vocabulary anyway. But it does allow people who don’t want to bother with it to proceed to the end.

Didn’t expect this but thanks for this post because now I do feel better about skipping lessons for the next level while I remain in my current level…it was frustrating for me before this, but I believe I’m okay with it now!

No thank. No need to slow people’s learning down by making vocab a hurdle here.

The vocab are primarily there as reinforcement material for the readings you should have started to grasp - and to add additional readings. The main focus is still on mastering the kanji. There is no reason why you can’t continue with new knowledge, while reinforcing what you’ve learnt so far.

That’s the logic of the current system - you level up when you have 90 % of the kanji in guru and keep on reviewing all the items you’ve learnt so far. You’re both moving on, while making sure you master the old knowledge.


Why take an important “feature” from some people away? The Vocab at WK is mostly horrible for being the only resource you learn from, it is just there to reinforce the readings, vocab is learned a thousand times more effective from reading and other activities.
With the current system I can do the Kanji I want to write and not need to bother with vocab, while you can without any problem finish all vocab from the previous lesson without starting with the new radicals. So there is no problem currently, both is easily possible (and for those who want to do all before the next level, that’s totally fine, too).

Vocabularies are important, but then WaniKani will need to better consider which vocabularies are important. Which vocabularies are important for remembering Kanji. I think WaniKani, currently, is reluctant to remove (hide) some vocabularies.

With addition of Kana vocabularies, what is happening to levels now???

  • Radical-gated
  • Kanji-gated
  • Vocabulary-gated
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