Sharing the mnemonics that helped me remember 夫, 末, 未!

夫 : Two people can be husbands… okay ! It’s okay! Two people can be good husbands in this day and age!
*firstly recognize the 二 kanji, and then the 人 kanji which distinguishes it from the two following ones

末 : this GIANT deck on my tree house is big/long enough… for us to see the end times :frowning: with a good view
distinguishes the top line’s length and that it has the line through the middle

未 : There’s two kids on my engine jet, (names of two kids), “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” Not yet, jeez! TWO more hours, not yet, not yet, not yet. “Hey, are we there yet?” NO we’re not there yet!
just kept the jet radical thing for this one


The big-winged jet flying to the ends of earth which is forested by MATSU in which a Canadian is wandering around looking for Sue eh? has been working for me.

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I just learned one of those radicals. Can you believe that Wanikani wants you to remember the radical 夫 by telling you that husband being knocked down on the ground is embarrassing and saying that it doesn’t matter that it happened. What is with these man hating mnemonics of this site? Can the staff please remove that because it’s very offensive and spreads dangerous beliefs into people. Also, I won’t be reading any of the mnemonics in this site anymore if your mnemonics are that psychotic.

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It seemed to work though since you remember it

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who is he… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I’ve heard that people have a lot of trouble in those super similar kanji but so far I’ve not really messed them up, because when they appear I usually think “Oh this is the deformed jet kanji” also sometimes wanikani helps a lot like giving some weird example for 士 a samurai with long arms it’s kinda impossible to forget this one now.

Who is that Pokemon? カイリキー

I’ve just found a nice game - Who's That Pokémon?

This is what works for me:
Is the long line at the end of the character?
– No, not yet (未)
– Yes, the line is at the end (末)


Are you saying it’s not possible for a man to do something embarrassing? Would you not be embarrassed if he was fall-down drunk in a social situation? Or does that never happen?


I’ll throw in my 2 cents:

未 : This is a train on the tracks :railway_track:. You can see the :steam_locomotive: cow catcher on the front, plus the next two railroad ties. Are we at the end of the track? Not yet. The tracks keep going into the distance and you can see the perspective get smaller on the horizon.

末 : This is a train on the tracks :railway_track: . You can see the :steam_locomotive: cow catcher on the front, plus the next two railroad ties. See how the last one is bigger than the closer one? That’s because we have reached the end and we’re about the hit the wall.

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This here. I don’t think WK’s mnemonics are very offensive, especially after the Overhaul. Suggesting that WK is “anti-man” is quite ridiculous to me! For example, the Level 15 husband kanji mnemonic:

What do all husbands love? Food (ふう)! Can you hear your future husband? He’s saying,” Fooooood! FOOOOOD!” like some kind of food craving zombie.

Do you really think that’s what WK thinks about husbands, or do you think they’re being silly to help you remember the reading?

(The level 8 “cloud” radical used to be called “boobs” back in the day… just imagine the mnemonics that went with that!)

@Mods Kind of silly, but could you fix the quotes in the aforementioned mnemonic - the space should be before the first quote instead of after.


Ah, yes! Good catch. Fixed it now :ok_hand:


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