Share Your Success Stories :)

A thread for sharing those "やった!” moments. Times when you finally understood something you’d been struggling with, communicated well, got through a book you thought would be too challenging, etc. :smile:

Mine is that yesterday I went to a realtor (in Japan) by myself to look for a new apartment, and besides one or two times using google translate when I wasn’t sure how to say something, I was able to convey everything I needed to and generally understand everything said to me! Of course, there were some bits that I didn’t get, but I always understood enough to respond and was able to get them to clarify when I didn’t. I’ll take a Japanese friend with when I actually get a contract to help me read it over, but I 'm so happy I was able to get through this part on my own! I even carried on a halfway decent conversation when driving between different apartments with the realtor. :smiley:


That’s awesome! Looking for an apartment is serious business, and it’s amazing that you had the courage to do it in Japanese! :smiley:

My やった moment actually occurred today! I began playing the game Tales of the Rays, and was able to understand around 65% of everything! That sounds like a low number, but I was able to understand what was going on in the story, how to play, who’s who, and I even was able to understand the jokes! Considering the fact that I began learning Japanese in order to play untranslated video games, I felt really happy that I’m at least a little over halfway into reaching that goal. :slight_smile:


That’s fantastic! I feel like video games–especially fantasy leaning stuff–can be really hard to understand and get through in another language, so that’s super impressive :smiley:

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Back when I was living in Japan, the first time I picked up the phone and ordered a pizza delivery from ピザーラ. I was so nervous. :sweat_smile:

Ordering by phone is already a pain in one’s native language, let alone in a foreign one. It is easy to forget just how much we communicate by gestures, facial expressions, etc. Communicating solely by phone shines a spotlight on that fact like nothing else.


Ah, tell me about it. When I went to the Ryusei Matsuri in Chichibu last year, I had to reserve a sitting area over the phone. And for all my fretting beforehand, it largely went off without a hitch, except for one period of confusion when I thought she was asking for my e-mail address, but actually she was trying to give me theirs.


Loving these success stories! So important to celebrate victories when learning a language. :tada: :tada:

My most recent やった moment was last Friday when I survived a 飲み会 with 3 other coworkers. Usually my 2nd language exhaustion would kick in after about 15 min and I’d lose focus at parties and group meetings. It was super discouraging and I used to dread enkais.
But it was really exciting walking home the other night and realizing I’d conversed almost effortlessly with 3 other people for hours! Fun to see how far I’ve come.