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Has anyone tried ? It seems to literally just be an srs shadowing tool, but the sub fee is a little pricey. Does anyone have any experience with this site at all ? I’m a big fan of shadowing in every language I’m learning and I think this will cut down the time it takes to find suitable/enjoyable material however $30 a month seems an excessive price to pay for my own laziness.

So you’re charged $30 bucks a month to practice shadowing ?? :open_mouth:

Seems like an unnecessary price to pay given the free resources available. Two alternatives to that:
I do this routine, where I create my own material (but there’s a link to already made material too).
Also there is:

So there. You don’t need much really. Native audio and text… and ideally some way to suit it to your level. :+1:

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I’m learning three languages concurrently, if I can find a site to literally just open and be able to shadow in each language without having to go out of my way to find material at each individual language level, I would be willing to pay. However I’ve never heard of this site and just happened upon it randomly.

It’s $30, I may just try it and see what happens. I think if you are only learning Japanese I agree it would probably be a waste of time. Or maybe not, I don’t know yet

I do a routine in which a basically use Netflix material (video + subs) to create my own decks (though you mentioned some laziness issues :thinking: )
Netflix comes in different flavours and colors… I mean if you’re learning multiple languages :wink: … though you could use Youtube as well which also has lots of content with subs.

PS: I guess I prefer material I’m interested in for doing my SRS, and shadowing practice. That’s a huge motivation compared to any premade material :man_shrugging:

Yes laziness is the main factor in my interest in this site. Lol. I will do anything to save time. My current routine takes Several hours a day at least.

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It seems like a waste of money. For $30 a month you could get a private teacher to help correct and guide you once a week.

Though I understood their claims, it’s not the most natural way to learn a language.

If you want to practice shadowing, get a book that has it parsed out for you. Or get your material for free from watching media online.

I’m afraid I don’t have anything useful to add to the discussion (although for a $30/month product their website seems a little glitchy at points), but colour me impressed that they have Manx available.

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For $30/month I expect them to rub my feet with patchouli oil while I do shadowing.



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