Seven Days in Japanese (Mnemonic)

Hi. I hope I’m posting at the right subcategory. I’m at level 19, just completed studying the day vocabs just a while ago. I found the mnemonics are interesting. I made some twitch here and there and came out with a story. Hope it helps.

SUNday is 日曜日, MOoNday is 月曜日, it’s obvious. Because Monday is the worst day of the week, you have a bad temper on Tuesday as a result. You burn down everything due to your bad temper that’s why the day is 火曜日. You cool down on the next day with some water so it’s 水曜日. With water, the trees able to grow up the day after which is on 木曜日. Friday is the golden day of the week (金曜日) because it’s the last day of the weekdays and you can have some fun in the evening too!. You had a little too much fun on Friday night your body literally fall down to Earth/ground on Saturday so that’s why it’s 土曜日.

Perhaps you guys can share your own version (and can be not related to the days also) so we can have some fun remembering stuff together!


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