SETTING SOME GOALS (that are long overdue and already set but forgotten)

Alright. I’ve been NEGLECTING my studying for ages and ages. And I’ve already addressed this… and promptly forgotten about it so, doing is again. :roll_eyes: Anyways, now I’ll stick with it… definitely. I will do my tasks every day. (Trying to manifest here) Okay.

Daily Goals!!

  • Wanikani reviews + lessons (review count to zero!! and at least 10 lessons a day if available)
  • Bunpro (at least 5 lessons a day + review count to zero) (oh yeah and take notes)
  • 10 new kanji from RTK and review on kanji koohi (great resource!)
  • Practice reading with satori reader or beelingua for 15 mins at least
  • Do some exposure, like a show without subtitles or a podcast or something

Weekly Goals

  • Do 3 lessons of cure dolly and take notes (it’ll help review the bunpro stuff… probably)
  • Be halfway done with wanikani level
  • Write your dumb little story on ao3

Monthly Goals

  • two levels of wanikani (approximately)
  • just… get stuff done. yknow?

Yearly Goals

  • Before 2022 is over get to level 60 of wanikani! It’s pretty ambitious for me at least, but maybe it’ll help
  • This list looks overwhelming so i’mma stop here

Good luck!

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You can do it!

I’m tentatively aiming for the same ambitious “Level 60 by 2022” goal so you should get the leaderboard script and I’ll race ya there

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Thank you!! and sounds good ;)) the race is on!

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thank you!


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You can do this!


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