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Is there a way to limit the number of reviews per day? For example, I’m suppose to get 303 reviews tomorrow, and that’s just more than I have time to deal with. I know I can switch to vacation mode, but doesn’t really solve the problem. I’ll still be overwhelmed as soon as I go off vacation mode. Rather, what would be preferable would be some way to limit the number of review per day to be, say, 50 or 100.

Just do as many as you can handle. If it’s an unusual amount, it’ll even out. It’s functionally the same thing. (And you can improve your short term workload by doing fewer lessons at once, and longer term by staggering your reviews over the day)


In the long run, you can only limit reviews by limiting lessons and spreading lessons out.

According to your profile, this is your current SRS state:

You have way too many Apprentice items, meaning you’ll get 200+ probably every day. I strongly recommend you stop doing lessons until you decrease your Apprentice count significantly. It may take you several weeks to get it down enough to feel comfortable, but doing more lessons now will just make the problem worse.


The only thing you can do is stop doing new lessons for a while and just wrap up each session once you run out of time. At first more reviews will arrive as well so the number won’t really go down, but after some time you can work through that mountain.

Afterwards you can plan out how much time you have available. If you limit yourself to 10 lessons for example you should usually see 50–100 reviews per day, depending on your accuracy.

And as seanblue says, really focus on what you already got in your queue in order to get the apprentice items down to 100 (for your review target maybe rather 75-) or less, everything in there reappears within a three days timespan.


That’s this button here, in case you’re unaware.


Oh my that seems like way too many Apprentice items, especially for level 7 xD
I normally only have 120 ish and still feel overwhelmed with reviews.

@darrelmusic do you know your accuracy? You may be doing too many lessons while not getting vocab leveled up at the right pace.
You can find out here
Also bunch of other details that may help you understand your progress

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Thanks for the suggestions. Until I hit level 7, I was keeping up. I would do whatever lessons appeared like a good little boy, and while my daily reviews varied in number, I could always squeeze time throughout my day to do them even if they were occasionally larger than usual. It never occurred to me that the number of lessons affected the daily volume of reviews, or that system would spit out more lessons per week than one could reasonably be expected to absorb. Indeed, at other levels, there were times when I felt ready for new lessons and had to wait what seemed an inordinate amount of time for them to show up. It also didn’t help that the flood of daily lesson over the last two weeks also coincided with a family emergency situation that sharply curtained my time time to spent on reviews. Or that I wasn’t mastering the level 7 material at the same rate that I had prior levels.

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The stats say my accuracy is 72.46% for reading and 89.44% for meaning. The accuracy for both has gone considerably since I’ve been on level 7.

Had I realized the timing and frequency of lessons was unrelated to my level of mastering the apprentice items, I would have held off with any new lessons weeks ago.

The stats say my accuracy is 72.46% for reading and 89.44% for meaning. The accuracy for both has gone down considerably since I’ve been on level 7.

You can see a list of your leeches (the ones you keep getting wrong) if you add your API2 key to the end of this (temporary) link:

So many apprentice items means you’re not very comfortable with many of them. The lesson stop they recommended buys you time - you can naturally let what you have now settle down a bit, get the ones you know to pass through to a higher level, and the ones you feel are shaky, you can really focus on.

For once, I’d stop lessons, too. Let them sit there, they won’t rot.
Then I’d do reviews with a time limit, like 10 seconds per item, and anything that you take longer to do for i’d fail consciously.

That you got so far and still have so many apprentice means you’ll often sit there breeding for a while before you answer, and while you might get it all right now, you already feel you’ll probably fail them in the future.

The whole point of SRS is to remind you again of these items, give you another chance to memorize them, and again, and again, until repetition alone takes care of it. It really is routine and repetition.

Then there will be a couple stubborn ones you’ll not get in your head so easily - these, I’d study in isolation, outside of WK:

  • copy them into a text file, import them into another SRS
  • look them up on the web
  • find sentences with them, so you get to see them in different places, different contexts, understand their meaning fully
  • break them down into their parts, make an effort to develop your own mnemonics for them.

Kanjidamage and koohii are good sites with mnemonics for kanji, even when the “radical” names differ. or have a lot of example sentences, so has WWWJDIC (the android application i use). Example sentences are great to get a proper understanding of what exactly it is these words mean, which nuances they have, what other words these kanji are being used for.

If it’s radicals that cause you trouble, add your own names. I never used drawer for 母 or elephant for 用, and all those that look like katakana, like 矛, i put their reading as radical (“mao” in this case).

It’s totally worth it to sit down and work on it this way. There’s nothing driving you forward, and you’ll carry the shakiness around with you like a rucksack and get into trouble more and more over time. Your review times will take longer and longer as the number of problem child cases goes up, sucking all the fun out of it.

Maybe think of it as a consolidation process.


Sounds like you have some other things on your mind, instead of trying to slog through the reviews I would suggest to just reset a few levels and take it slow this time. 300 apprentice items are equivalent to 3 level ups at the same time, so it will be no different anyway. If you do lots of reviews at the same time now you will also get big review batches in the future.

Personally I would reset to level 1, pace all lessons as I want, and enjoy a few weeks of a very easy WK experience :slight_smile:

I didnt even know it is possible to have 350 apprentice items at level 7 lol

only if you use reorder to skip vocab and let it sit there.
this is an automatic losing strategy, because wk’s srs intervals are calculated with exposure from vocab in mind, so you’ll lack repetition.
some time down the road, the system will collapse like a house of cards.

looking at the 0/0 thread, it’s astounding how very few manage to recover from that, even after zeroing out their queues - most make 2-3 more levels after that, never to be seen again.

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Are you sure about that? Maybe they’re just slow. I noticed some people take up to a month between levels in that thread.

Also, it’s also possible to get 300+ apprentice by not doing reviews for a while, forgetting everything, and failing horribly your reviews. That’s not really a winning strategy either, mind you.

It took me 12 days, but I finally got my 300+ reviews at level 7 down to 99. I know some people suggested that I should reset to level 1, but I was determined to keep plowing through them. Of course, that progress won’t last long, as in the interim I have 61 new lessons piled in my queue, but I feel that I have made a dent.


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