Setting a routine, what do I miss?

Thank you all, full routine is On starting tomorrow! :pray:




'kay, I ended up picking Genki, feeling it’s more in tune with my way of learning.

So just another question: what would be the best Anki deck to plug to my Genki sessions? Ideally one that’s divided into lessons and that includes the additional vocabulary?

One month in, time for some feedback/examen de paresse (laziness self-assessment (?!)).

  • 3 daily WaniKani reviews
    4/5 - I’m going my own rhythm. My memory is quite bad, I deal with it. I decided to stop thinking in terms of slow/fast pace, and just follow my own. As long as I do my 3 daily reviews, I’m good with it, and I’ve been good at motivating myself, even quite late at night. Some Saturdays end up being WaniKani-free but it’s fine.

  • 2 daily Bunpro reviews + 1 Bunpro grammar point in-depth study
    3/5 - I’m good at reviewing on Bunpro, I like that it’s not too heavy. Besides the reviews, I decided to study one-grammar point a day, meaning I read all the sentences and some of the extra content (I particularly like Tae Kim). I also write three sentences using this grammar point.
    For now, I often fail at doing this “in-depth” study so I end up adding new grammar to my reviews very slowly. I intend to be more regular in the coming weeks with these “daily grammar point”.

  • 2 weekly 1H-sessions studying Genki
    1/5 - previously on - so I decided to ditch Mina Nonihongo mainly because of Mike fuck*** Miller-san. Sorry but I hate him. I picked Genki and it’s true it’s much bette for self-learning. That said, I’ve only done the 1st chapter. :sweat_smile: Laziness and social life have been hindering my progress.

  • frequent watch of movies and series in Japanese
    4/5 - My queue list on Netflix is full of Japanese shows, I get to watch one episode of something almost every day. Also (not on Netflix): EIZOUKEN!

  • 1 weekly one-hour talking session with a native Japanese teacher
    4/5 - I really enjoy these sessions with my teacher Yasuko. First we review the sentences I’ve written based on my Bunpro grammar points. Then we go through new grammar points but, most importantly I get to construct my own sentences. I’m focusing on simple, concrete things, and it’s a huge plus to be able to ask “how I would say this” and get an instant human feedback (as opposed to looking things up on the web). I end up hijacking my self-learning experience: some points I would learn in 6 months, I just digest them instantly through the exchange. I only need to do more thorough reviews post-teaching session to remember everything.

  • occasional flashcards sessions to review sentences and vocab from WaniKani and Genki
    2/5 - I don’t do these quick sessions very often. When I have these 10 minutes here and there I usually prefer going through my WK Study List. I intend to really focus on Genki vocabulary in the near future, so first I need to be more regular with Genki.

Overall score for January 2020: 18/30
Motivation is definitely here! I can be a better student and I have confidence I will.

Peace :v:


Spring update!

Following the explanations below, here’s my current lock-down routine:

8h30 - 20’ WK review session
13h30 - 10’ WK review session
13h40 - 10’ BunPro review session
18h30 - 60’ Genki session + BunPro with Genki learning Path
23h30 - 20’ WK session

WK learning sessions are scattered throughout the day, kind of the equivalent of “cigarette breaks” while working.

Add to that “dishwashing material” and other short moments of passive learnings. I currently go for a straight JLPT N5 vocabulary list.

And of course the regular movies and series in Japanese!

My lock-down selection so far: Mizoguchi retrospective on Mubi, Beastars (Netflix), Cyber City Oedo 808, Devilman Crybaby (Netflix) and anything Yuasa/Science Saru but I just finished Eizouken!, have to get my hands on Kaiba. Have to catch-up on Carole &Tuesday as well when I’m done with Beastars.

Some notes:

First: due to social-distancing policies, currently no session with my teacher Yasuko Sensei. I don’t feel like having my class through Skype/Zoom for now.

I currently dedicate more time to Genki. I’m trying to do 60 minutes session every evening.

Steady rhythm with Wani Kani, although I had to rationalize a bit my time on it. Through Level 6 and 7 I started to feel it was a bit too much to often dedicate more than 1 hour on a half every day. So instead of forcing myself to bring my reviews to 0, I now minute my review sessions : 20 minutes waking up, 10 minutes after lunch, 20 minutes before sleep. These reviews are pretty efficient without feeling like a burden.

My approach to these WK sessions:

  • I speed run. I try not to think too long, without caring too much about the accuracy. I say I do about 70 reviews in 20 minutes, with an accuracy varying between 68% and 84%

  • I allow myself 2 “time jokers”, meaning I can stop the timer twice. I usually do it for new Kanjis when I know I can find the meaning/writing with extra memory effort.

  • When the session ends, I allow myself to keep going until I hit a wrong answer. It’s like a little time bonus.

Once I reach Level 10 on WK, I intend to add Torii SRS to my routine, while not exceeding 1 hour and a half cumulated SRS sessions every day.

I’m trying to find how I can put BunPro back in my routine because I currently left it on the side. I’m thinking following the Genki learning path, and maybe do two 5 minutes daily review sessions.

Take care :pray:


My experience has been mostly wanikani only. I think you are going in a very good track. I think(i have never taking any JLPT yet) you can pass the JLPT 5 pretty easily. Don’t worry about it

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Thanks for the encouragement! :hugs:

You could try to add daily short grammar sessions. Even 15 minutes will get you somewhere!