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Hello! I need help for calculating the setback that is caused by missing a radical. I mixed 士 and 土 (Why, Japanese, why???) so I have to wait some time to unlock vocabulary just because of this, setting me back from reaching the next level, 6. So, if there are any math-nerds here with knowledge of WaniKani’s SRS can help me calculate how many days it set me back from reaching my goal, it would be appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

You can reference the interval chart yourself at WaniKani’s SRS Stages | WaniKani Knowledge

But…why? You’re going to miss items again in the future. What’s the purpose in calculating your delay each time you don’t do your reviews perfectly?


Just install the Ultimate Timeline userscript, it will show you (depending on settings) which items will come up for review when.


To force my brain into memorizing them harder :stuck_out_tongue: And honestly I don’t care about missing kanji or vocabulary that much, but it was my first time missing a radical and I was kinda bummed. I still am curious about the butterfly effect that is caused by missing a radical, the future if you got it correct vs. the future if you got it wrong

Also, checking out the link you gave me. I think it’s exactly what I need. NUMBERS, MASON

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Oh, I remember it being recommended. Maybe it’s the time I check it out.

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I see. Well, without the plugin, you will need to calculate it yourself as it’s based on your personal performance in the review (see formula in provided link).

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Usually the setback is between none at all (the other kanji that don’t need that radical can get you over the 90% threshold) and 3 days (?) or so (it’s needed and you failed it at the last review before guru). Though assuming there are some other reviews you failed here or there it might be less or more.


I’m gonna go against the grain here.

WaniKani is just a tool. You’re not gonna get a prize later on for never having “cheated” on your reviews. IMHO, SRS is there to get you to the stage where you can actively consume content. At that point, as long as you have a solid base of knowledge, you’ll be able to reinforce that. Truth be told, it’s unlikely you’d confuse these two Kanji in a real-word setting.

So whether you’re willing to let WK set you back for something like that is up to you. If I miss a review, and the moment I hit enter, I realise “oh no, wait”, then I will sometimes undo my mistake. Especially if it’s a low level review and I know the item will come back soon anyway. It is also up to you how much you want to get out of WK. Depending on your goals, you might be OK with “I know that this Kanji can mean either this or that, but I really can’t bring myself to remember which one is which even after a gazillion attempts”. In the case of these two Kanji/radicals, I try to remember the difference, but if truth be told, there are more important things to worry about. (If on the other hand, you really totally forgot that there is this other similar Kanji, then maybe it’s really worth it marking yourself wrong.)

(Also, we’re talking about radicals here. You will not have a need to remember these radicals after you’re done with WK.)

Cure Dolly elaborates on this thought a bit more.

This sounds like a surefire way to burn out as quickly as possible tbh.
In my experience at least, handling wanikani as a distraction instead of as something you fail at can make the experience if not more pleasant, at least more tolerable.
That’s why I think it’s better to do a few short bursts of reviews when you have 5 minutes to burn, instead of having 2 or 3 focused sessions.

Without commenting on whether it’s a good idea to worry about it, just literally answering the question: it depends.

You could calculate (by hand, I know of no automated tool for this) the earliest possible date and time you’ll level up next. I mean, go backwards. You’ll level up the moment you get 90% of the kanji to guru. The kanji will get to guru when you’ve unlocked them and waited the minimum time to do all the reviews up to guru. The kanji is unlocked when all the radicals it depends on get to guru. It’s kind of a tedious tree-recursive process to figure out.

Then, calculate that immediately before you failed the radical, then immediately after, and subtract. It’s not always the same answer, it depends on which radical you’re talking about and what stage it was at when you failed.

And even then it’s going to be a “maximum impact” bound, assuming you pass every other review on the first try at the earliest moment it becomes available. And that’s almost never true. You might have passed that radical and then failed a different kanji, setting you back anyway.


(But I would like one)
(Wildest dreams, a pointer for it in Ultimate Timeline)

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