Set all reviews to come in at same time each day

...some thoughts about WK on a once-per-day schedule...

(For simplicity, let’s say you want to begin WK at 6pm each day)

New items are ideally dealt with 3 times in the first day to remain “on time”:

  1. Morning lessons (unlock Apprentice 1)
  2. Afternoon review (4 hours → Apprentice 2)
  3. Evening review (8 hours → Apprentice 3)

A once-per-day schedule will require a minimum of three days for new items to reach Apprentice 3, which is when they’d begin to align properly with the 6pm routine.

— Do reviews before lessons
If you complete lessons between 6pm-7pm, they’ll reappear at 10pm. By doing lessons at the end of your session, some will likely be due at 11pm+ instead. Since you’d be waiting until the next day regardless…this wouldn’t negatively impact the new items, but could help keep Apprentice3+ items in sync with the 6pm routine.

— Consider a reordering script (I think this is also possible through the Flaming Durtles app)
There are a few different ways reordering might be useful in your situation:

Prioritize Apprentice 1&2 (the option I'd probably choose)
  • Since some reviews will always end up being “late”…consider how late your items are (relative to the SRS) rather than whether items are completed on the “correct day”.
    • When Apprentice 1 (4-hour SRS stage) is one hour late, it’s already 25% “overdue”
      • Guru etc could be postponed for a day+ before reaching 25% overdue.
  • By prioritizing Apprentice 1&2, you could keep SRS-relative lateness to a minimum.
    • If any Apprentice3+ get delayed (and fall out of sync with the 6pm routine), these items can be reviewed a day late with lesser consequence.
De-prioritize Apprentice 1&2
  • Pushing Apprentice 1/2 to the back of your reviews would allow you more time to complete Apprentice3+ items before 7pm (keeping these items in the 6pm cycle).
    • Similar to lessons, delaying your Apprentice 2 may cause some to become due at 3am rather than 2am…but again, you’d be waiting until the next day to do these regardless.
...if you can squeeze short amounts of time earlier in the day (highest risk of abuse)
  • Do lessons in the morning (no reviews).
  • Use reordering to review only these new items during the afternoon.
    • If timing works out, this will allow new items to be scheduled into your regular once-per-day review session (without taking three days to reach Apprentice 3). If you can’t fit an afternoon session, it’d still reduce the Apprentice stage by 1 day.

These suggestions obviously don’t provide what you’ve requested. But, considering many SRS programs do behave the way you’re asking…this topic has likely been discussed at length by the team at WK, and the structure seems unlikely to change.