September 4 2020 Content Updates


Listed (15), (7), (7) as visually similar kanji of each other

(1) - fixed tags in reading mnemonic

(21) - updated meaning & reading mnemonics.

(2) - updated meaning mnemonic hint and reading mnemonics

(11) - added じん to readings, updated reading mnemonics

Listed (22) and (26) as visually similar kanji of each other


注射 (34) - updated context sentence translation

振り仮名 (28) - added “hiragana” to block list

薬用 (17) - added “medicine” and “medicines” to block list

争う (11) - added “to commute” to block list

除外 (31) - added “exclusion” as a meaning

不安 (6) - added “anxious” to allow list

終わり (12) - added “ending” to allow list

当て字 (10) - added “ateji” to allow list

人差し指 (26) - added “forefinger” to allow list

米国 (6) - made “United States of America” primary meaning, updated meaning explanation and context sentence translations, and added “US,” “the US,” “the United States of America,” and “the United States” to allow list

居酒屋 (27) - updated reading mnemonic

二百 (4) - changed part of speech to “numeral”

三百 (6) - changed part of speech to “numeral”

四百 (4) - changed part of speech to “numeral”

五百 (4) - changed part of speech to “numeral”

一千 (2) - changed part of speech to “numeral”

四千 (4) - changed part of speech to “numeral”

一万 (3) - changed part of speech to “numeral”

二万 (3) - changed part of speech to “numeral”

十万 (3) - changed part of speech to “numeral” and moved “a hundred thousand” to allow list

百万 (4) - changed part of speech to “numeral” and moved “a million” to allow list

一億 (13) - changed part of speech to “numeral” and added “a hundred million” to allow list

願望 (14) - added “admiration” to block list

照れる (30) - added “to be lit” to block list


I severely dislike those kanji

Also, whilst it doesn’t affect me personally:

Thank you for using block/allow


Thanks cam!


Thanks for the update ^-^

I sincerely concur :stuck_out_tongue:


I had to rename the “jet” radical to “not yet” with a synonym - I just couldn’t handle that being different

Also, thank you @Kumirei


i did the same, though more for convenience. with “not yet” (short stroke, younger sister) and “end” (long stroke), i find the differences very easy to remember.

Thank you, Camfugu


I just learned them today! And yes I imagine I will hate them…

They have stuck with me for 11 levels :sob:

May you have a better time than I!

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just remember the top line in “not yet” is NOT YET longer than the middle line.
Also, the husband doesn’t have the jet stream stroke at the bottom. make of that what you will.


He loses the line when he gets married?


Yeah. Maybe he loses his youthful recklessness for speed (jet stream). Or maybe he burns less calories and gets more fat. I have my own mnemonic for it ^^
Oh, you meant losing the line as in gaining weight? That sounds good too.

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by the way, it’s a similar difference with 矢 arrow and 失 fault. If there was something extra on the arrow sticking out of it vertically, it would be a faulty arrow.


There’s a typo in the reading hint:
Don’t you know sitting it the “new smoking”!?


Thanks for pointing out — fixed!