Sentence to translate

Hey guys,

Is there anything out there that uses your WK level and provides English sentences to translate to Japanese ? (to practice writing)
Did a quick search but couldn’t find it.

I wrote a few things from prompts but I can’t remember all the kanjis I’ve seen here and taylor my story to them obviously.


EDIT: I just used the “reverse” option on duendecat so it’s something to start with but do they use WK levels or is it something completely different ?

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I don’t believe there is such an application. How about taking the context sentences and reversing them?

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There’s like a sentence in 100 that I’m able to read in WK’s context sentences lol. Their lvl is totally disconnected from the WK lvl.
But thanks for the idea.
I’m gonna use duendecat reversed a little and see if I’m able to translate that way

You jest! Trying to use WK sentences for translation practice?

@johnDoe I’d say if you want to practice writing Japanese don’t focus much on WK vocab. Try to write ehat you want and look up the words for it.

But if you want write sentences to better remember WK content then create a list of words that seem especially useful and pull items from it when writing sentences.


Up to level 20 there are three context sentences for each word, two which are on the right level, and one older which is, as you say, much more difficult