Sentence help? And general trashy sentences thread

Quick question, I know this sentence is, well, odd to say the least as I seen this on twitter. Anyways, with あなたのお母さん同性愛者, shouldn’t there be a は in between お母さん and 同性愛者, as は indicates “Is”?

I think that sentence has more problems than a missing は :slight_smile:


は doesn’t actually indicate ‘is’, だ or more politely です is the ‘to be’ copula. What は does is mark the topic. Often, though, particles can disappear in casual speech, which you will find a lot of on Twitter.

Also, what @acm2010 said.


Really? Correcting grammar on twitter?


Yeah, you got that right. I got this from Pewdiepie’s twitter, and only by knowing the words “your” and “mom” I could easily guess the rest.

So basically if I’m speaking/writing a short sentence to my Japanese friends, I can omit the は just like です?

Its not uncommon to see, but since you’re a learner, they may just assume you don’t know any better.


You can still understand it because the sentence is very short XはY(だ) and you can still distinguish the word boundaries because you have a kana さん in between. But as a general rule omitting a だ (not です!) is grammatical, but omitting は might turn your sentence into gibberish if you don’t know what you are doing :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I guess I am, I just finished chapter 6 of Genki 1, so I’m not entirely the brightest

That sounds more natural. Really juvenile though. 同性愛者 sounds too formal. Others here have explained the omission of は well enough,

Is that supposed to be Sans, by the way?

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But wait…if I’m recalling correctly, the original meme is “your mom gay” so perhaps the omission of は (“is”) was purposeful? Hmm…

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Yeah, its a shitty sans

I haven’t thought about that, however some people are explaining that b/c this is a short sentence, I can omit は in general

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