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Hello, I live in Tokyo since January and I’m taking Japanese conversation classes twice a week. I’m also trying different methods to memorize kanji and vocaboulary.

Problem: I already encountered some kanji, probably more than 100, of which I know well maybe 50… but there doesn’t seem to be a way to skip first lessons or customize the groups. At least, I couldn’t find it.

You’re right, it’s not possible. Please read the FAQ and the Guide.


The free levels cover about 100 kanji, so yes, you’ll likely be reviewing many things you already know in that process. But you’re also likely to see vocab you don’t know yet, because of the nature of kanji vocab, so give the free levels a try.


Welcome mate.
Give it a shot with free levels.


I think the majority of users here were in your same situation. They tried learning kanji the old way, and after plenty of books and used pens later, they came to wanikani. Enjoy the easy levels while it last, it won’t take long before your accuracy drops from 100%.


So yeah, I was in a similar situation when I started a few weeks ago, I would actually count me in the 200 hundred or so kanji range and familiar with almost all the 50 most frequent radicals. The thing I discovered was that what I knew was full of holes. it wasn’t all new information, but I’m glad I went through the first three levels in their entirety. So I’d say: keep going. And don’t worry, the first two levels can be completed in less than a week without much trouble.


Then maybe I’ve got a bug… After one week I’m still stuck at the radicals, which I’ve been doing perfectly for some time. The kanji lessons are still locked.

It doesn’t really take into account how long it’s been in total. You need to get them to “guru” status, which, if you made no errors, is 4 total correct answers for each one (after the lessons). If you do them at the soonest possible times, it takes just a couple days to do that. So presumably you haven’t quite hit that pace.

If you click on an individual item, its page will show how many times you’ve answered it correctly.

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PLEASE read them!


do even japanese people know all of the kanji characters?Obviously no, so I think learning it slowly would be better even though I can’t even sleep that I don’t know kanji yet

This seems to be asked at least once a week or something lol

It makes me wonder how many times our senpai’s at Wanikani (aka really old users) have answered this questions? I would be really annoyed after a couple of times but maybe at some point you just accept it lol

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You don’t want to know, kouhai-chan.


Yeah, I can aaaalmost understand Syphus’ overall rudeness. Although I (still) don’t think the name calling is necessary…

Similar situation here and just started here at WK. I’m probably around 350ish but I felt I needed a feedback system and the mnemonics are helpful though I eagerly wait for how new material work. You really need to be bored by how easy something is to have it reliable on a regular basis, say the speed of kana subtitles on a variety show.

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