Self Introduction (gone wrong?): The Sequel

Now… I have officially reached lv10, and I will be entering the “P A I N” stage (by my average clearing speed) supposedly in 1.5 weeks time. Ever since dedicating my monopoly money to the 腋 gods like a degen, I mean 鰐 gods like a dedicated weebo anime-ish learner, I have to stop/ reduce my learning intake on other platforms (Renshuu, SuperNative) cos yer know, uni studies go “hahaha, money goes brrrr- bye & sanity peace out”.

Look at that leveling speed, I’m asking for trouble, man

On the other hand, I have been able to understand more words and sentences when watching anime (if you’re wondering, I just finished watching code geass and all its remake. SPOILER ALERT. boi, they really want shirley to live sheesh) and also I managed to slowly understand the words that my favourite vtuber is saying (yagoo best girl).

The only issue I have with the past few levels was NOT the speed, but the amount of vocabs that mean the same thing (I see you, “soon” & “recently”) and also the amount of vocabs that mean the same word but with a different meaning. Then again, English has "can’t, “kent” “cu*t”, “can”, “Ken” and more. So it’s probably more of an immersion thing to understand when or which words to use, welp.

With that, this shall end my entry(?) of my learning journey from a lv1 weeb to a lv10 mafia weeb. I may or may not change the schedule of uploading a post to every 5 levels (since it’s the “P A I N” stage), but all I know is that what the dog doing. If anyone studies Japanese through the “C U L T U R E D” doujins, do post your “digits” here and show your “cultureness”.

Note: I may have been sarcastic and making random sh*t post/ memes here. If I offended anyone, I sincerely apologize, I mean no harm. Also, no armpits or crocodile gods were harm in this post. If you’re below 18 (or whatever your country’s age of consent is), do not search the digits although by saying don’t search, you would be more tempted to search, Just remember that consent is important, and bring protection and maybe the avengers, idk, or your parents. If you experience any side effects from reading this post, please consult a medical professional immediately as I’m not a medical professional though I took modules in that area. With that, take care and be safe and try to figure out if you noticed any references I made in this post because boi, there’s a lot of references which is utmost ridiculous. Bye, & catch you next time on the next episode of one piece why the 一体 is it still running to this day.


Heh, not necessarily, avoid leeches and you can keep at it all the way

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