Seeking Study Buddy in the CST Time Zone!

Hi there! Im Moon, 31F, and I am around N4-ish/N3-ish, and I am seeking a study buddy who is around the same. I am in the Central Time Zone, and free usually in the evenings. Im hoping we can have study sessions at least once a week (preferably on Thursday :slight_smile: ) in which we play Dragon Quest/Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy/etc together. I would be making anki decks/word lists for all the new words we learn together (that I would share after the session!), and we would read and translate the game together. Its great for learning and getting to experience old games in the original Japanese! Ive done this a few times and its great fun :slight_smile: Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hiya, Iā€™m also Central Time with free evenings. Iā€™d be interested in translating a JRPG as a study aid with you. Are you envisioning a one-player, screenshare situation, or would both (multiple) people need to play at the same time?

Hi! The way Ive done it before is a screen share with a text heavy RPG which works really well (I dont care which person plays :slight_smile: ) but I am open to trying different things!

that works for me too! are you on Discord?

when would you be looking to start? Thursdays also work for me, between 8pm and 10pm.

I can start ASAP! I am on Discord, Im MizzMoonshine#1100 Hope to see you on there! :slight_smile:

Sent you a request! Iā€™m potatonaught#4926